Alison Meier

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Name Alison Meier Aliases
Status Unregistered Evolved Ability Biomanipulation
Gender Female Race/Eth. White
Birthdate July 8 Age 32
Height 5'6" Build Slight
Eyes Blue Hair Brown
Parents Siblings
Marital Status Children
First Seen Not a Job Interview Last Seen Checkmate - Fade to Black
Alison Meier
portrayed by
Jennifer Morrison
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  • Genetics: Alison's primary skill and her highest expertise…she is an expert in the biological sciences, most especially in genetics. She is on a par with Mohinder Suresh, and is very possibly the second-most mind in the field of Evolved genetics, applying her natural talent along with her given expertise. Her strongest expertise lies within the field of genetic engineering; retroviruses and viral therapy.
  • General Science: While genetics is Alison's primary field of study, she is versed in the biological sciences as a whole. This has of necessity involved an expertise with medicine and medical procedures, and she is a medical doctor as well as being an expert in genetics.
  • Technology: Alison is well-versed in various technology related to medicine and research. She can use most laboratory and medical equipment proficiently, and is an advanced user of computers; she couldn't hack one, but she can make use of one and software related to her field at an expert level.
  • Languages: Alison speaks German as a native language, but is fully proficient in English as well. She also speaks passable Latin, though that is less likely to be of any use in modern situations; she learned it for its use in medical learning.
  • Self-Defense/Firearms: When she was hired by Homeland Security, Alison (as well as the other scientists) was given both basic self-defense and basic firearms training, in case one of the subjects managed to get out of restraints. She's no expert, but she can protect herself against an untrained opponent.


September 2008
Date Project Subjects
14th Not A Job Interview Alison and Ygraine
May 2009
Date Project Subjects
25th The Sword Arm Adam, Alison, Arthur, Huruma, Jenn, Mason, and Maury
Playing God Alison, Jenn, Mason, and Zimmerman
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