Amato Salucci

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Name Amato Salucci Aliases Benjamin Sall
Father Armand Cassius
Status Unregistered Evolved Ability Limited Psychometry
Gender Male Race/Eth. White; Italian
Birthdate 12/18/1973 Age 37
Height 6'3" Build Slender
Eyes Blue Hair Blond
Residence The Garden, Staten Island
Employment Former _vanguard Operative
Parents Viola Salucci
Giacomo Salucci
Siblings Unknown
Marital Status Single Children None
First Seen To Fool an Inquisition Last Seen

Profile: Amato Salucci came to New York as the right hand of Kazimir Volken. Now, he struggles to piece back together a life with meaning out of the rubble left to him in the aftermath of the Vanguard's foiled plan.
Hooks: The Garden, Catholicism/Religion, Vanguard, Ferrymen (to a degree)

Amato Salucci
portrayed by

Paul Bettany

"I cannot believe I was meant to be in agony forever. Not here, at least. I still have time to do as I was meant to do. To be a hand of God."

"Did you know I once saw myself as more than human? Not just… possessing a gift from the Almighty, but fallen from the very Heavenly Host to do some great work here on earth? Or else, perhaps born of man through some greater purpose - like Noah, Joseph, or Christ himself - to live a life of significance? What I fool I was. We are all mortal, Lucrezia, and so we are called to do no more than the other mortals with whom we share this earth. We are not angelic agents of the Lord God, and neither are those Volken wishes to destroy demonic beasts. We're all the children of God, and we have bickered for far too long. We are not going to die, agna, God will cleanse the earth with fire when he sees fit - we cannot do it for him. To presume we had such power is…proud. Too proud."


Character Logs

Trivia and Notes:

  • Amato's Italian accent has been diluted over time spent around foreigners and in other countries. He is capable of imitating other accents quite well, but his American twang is the newest among them.


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