Amy Lindgren

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Name Amy Lindgren Aliases
Status Unregistered Evolved Ability Hydrokinesis
Gender Female Race/Eth. Swedish-American
Birthdate December 27, 1989 Age 19
Height Build
Eyes Hair
Parents Lars and Amber Lindgren Siblings
Marital Status Single Children
First Seen To Catch A Predator Last Seen Keep It Secret, Keep It Safe
Profile Amy is a tomboy-ish young woman that is sometimes naive to a fault, and at other times quite cynical. Homeless in New York since the explosion, Amy's priorities have changed drastically. Once relatively innocent, she realizes that she might have to do things she otherwise would not want to, in order to ensure the survival of not only herself but her parents, as well.
Amy Lindgren
portrayed by

Elliot Page


Other Skills:

Amy, due to her ancestry, is bilingual, able to speak both English and Swedish fluently, although her Swedish does tend to suffer from not using it all that much.

Litterary Arts
She has a passion for writing, often beginning on stories of epic proportion, only to eventually drop them as she becomes distracted by something else, or begins another story. It is a shame, because she is a good writer and does have a good imagination.

Computers and Technology
She knows her way around the basics of computers and technology in general. Not a whiz by any stretch of the imagination, but not entirely wet behind the ears either.


Date Title Synopsis
2nd To Become A Demon Amy meets with her father to say her goodbyes.
3rd Cat's In The Cradle Adam introduces Amy to Tamsine, while Aaron plays them all a song.
10th Engrossing While en route to Japan, Amy tries to find out more about Adam's plans.
12th Azumashikunai Visiting a Sushi bar, Amy runs into someone with wisdom to share.
25th Of Travels, Stonings And Ideals After coming back from Japan, Amy relaxes at a cafe and meets a stranger to discuss stuff with. Fun!
28th Taking A Stroll Adam takes Amy out for a walk, seeking to become a parental figure for her.
Keep It Secret, Keep It Safe Amy is introduced to Zoe, who has a project Amy takes interest in.

Trivia and Notes:

  • Amy's way of speaking may appear very formal and/or general at times, which is due to her many hours spent reading and writing.
  • Amy can often be seen near bodies of water, if she has opportunity to visit such places.
  • That she loves the element she's able to manipulate is something she considers to be a very pleasant coincidence.
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