Ananda Kaur

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Name Ananda Kaur Aliases Mona Rao
Status Unregistered Evolved Ability Telepathy
Gender Female Race/Eth. Tamil
Birthdate January 13, 1975 (April 24, 1980) Age 34 (29)
Height 5'7" Build Lean
Eyes Brown Hair Black
Residence Fort Greene, Brooklyn, New York
Employment The Company
Freelance writer (cover)
Parents Dr. Asoka and Trisha Kaur Siblings Sonia Kaur (sister)
Laila Kaur (sister, deceased)
Marital Status Single Children Unknown
First Seen Crypticality Last Seen The Church Bells All Were Broken

Once an operations officer for the CIA, Ananda Kaur was an agent specialized in the role of espionage/intel-gathering. Under the alias Mona Rao, purportedly pro-Evolved blogger and writer, she served as the eyes and ears of The Company in Phoenix before her lynching at the hands of Humanis First.

Italicized entries are falsified data/allegations specific to Mona's cover.

Ananda Kaur
portrayed by

Navi Rawat



June 2009 (as Mona)
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July 2009 (as Mona)
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August 2009 (as Mona)
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September 2009
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"Couple years ago, I met Dani down through the ~journalistic grapevine~. Friend of a friend type of thing. We came from laughably different backgrounds, but we did bond over our shared apprecation of writing; you know, Dani was the original reason I broke out of my shell and was inspired to try something more ambitious than catalogue chronicling. It's true. Her death hit me hard— hadn't I already lost enough friends? Guess not— and the fact that it was because of unsolved murder doesn't help."



Trivia and Notes

  • Many assume Tamils to be generically dark-skinned, just as lighter skin is associated with the Sinhalese. Like some, however, Ananda's (relatively) fair complexion is due to the significant presence of British blood somewhere in her lineage.
  • For both credibility and personal safety as an author, she keeps the fact that she herself is Evolved a closely guarded secret.
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