Anne Williams

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Name Anne Williams Aliases
Status Unregistered Evolved Ability Teleportation
Gender Female Race/Eth. African American
Birthdate ~1979 Age 29
Height Build
Eyes Dark Hair Dark
Residence Unknown
Employment _ferrymen
Parents Siblings Michael and Joseph
Marital Status Separated (Jeremy Williams) Children William Williams and unnamed Daughter
First Seen To Make An Omelette Last Seen GPS Locator Training
Profile Anne is a former member of a famous orchestra who's trying to make some sense of this world in ways she's not really trained for, but none the less embracing with heart and soul.
Anne Williams
portrayed by

Tracy Chapman




Grace is music.


January Title Summary
11th Your Mission …if you choose to accept it, could be impossible.

Trivia and Notes

  • Former member of Manhattan's philharmonic orchestra. If your character is of a reasonably privileged or artistically-inclined demographic, they may have heard of her or come to see her play.
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