April Silver

Registry of the Evolved Database

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Name April Silver Aliases April Bradley
Status Registered Evolved (Tier 2) Ability Forcefield Generation
Gender Female Race/Eth. White
Birthdate January 18, 1985 Age 36 (+10 for time travel)
Height 5' 7" Build Average
Eyes Green Hair Dk Brown
Residence Confucius Plaza
Parents Siblings none
Marital Status relationship with James Silver Children none
First Seen April 7, 2009 Last Seen
Profile Former Company agent, former prisoner (of Moab Federal Penitentiary, no less), former fugitive… now just trying to be one more person in the midst of the city and escape her own past, in all senses of the phrase.
April Silver
portrayed by

Jennifer Connelly


Trivia and Notes

  • As a former Company agent, April is Marked.
  • Technically, April is Registered, in that April Bradley was and her record still exists for all that it has been flagged "inactive, deceased". April Silver does not herself have a Registry entry reflecting her current status; but if her DNA or fingerprints are ever run against the database, a record will be returned.
    • April Bradley was Registered as Tier 2.

Log Icons

Bradley (2009) Silver (2019, 2009-2010) Silver (2010-2011) 2017


After assisting in Doyle's demise, April retired from the Company. She also left her past-self's life behind, making "April Silver" her formal, legal identity. Equipped with some money, forged documents fleshing out this identity's life, a new residence, and a new job, April faded into the backdrop of New York City, fully intending to stay there forever as just one more citizen.

That lasted about a year.

Reunions and Recapitulations (Volumes IX through XI)
05/29 Former coworkers cross paths in Central Park. April, Veronica
06/13 More paths cross in Central Park, this time involving a different specter from April's past. Abby, April, Cardinal, Monica
06/22 A discussion of how history repeats. Also, common acquaintances. April, Veronica
06/26 April learns about Silver's premonition — of her. April, Cat
07/09 Casual elevator chitchat about past encounters and current issues. April, Cardinal
07/12 April doesn't quite call Silver to tender all the explanations she owes. April, Silver
07/13 And then she does. If explanations are lacking in the reunion, emotion isn't. April, Silver
07/18 April looks up a former acquaintance. Makes a better impression this time. April, Joseph
08/03 A first date, take two. April, Silver
08/15 Finding herself the object of interest for three different people, April deems it prudent to run away. Abby, Adelaide, April, Cardinal, Elle, Prince
(2) On her way through the Canal Street market, April turns down an offer of help. April, Ina, Quinn
08/16 James Silver looks for clues in April's abandoned apartment. Silver
08/29 Both enemies and allies she won't take run into April. Or, more correctly, after her. April, Cardinal, Veronica
Volume XII: Divided We Fall
11/08/10 April does indeed save Quinn from a burning building. April, Quinn
11/09/10 A day later, there is a parting of ways. April, Quinn
12/29/10 Veronica comes bearing an invitation. April, Veronica
Volume XIV: Five Years Gone
10/02/11 Friends, Not Family Brian goes hunting rumors in the interest of forging an alliance. April, Brian
11/16/11 Circles At another bus station, in another part of the world, the least likely of reunions occurs. April, Cardinal
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