Aric Gibbs

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Name Aric Michael Gibbs Aliases
Status Registered Evolved (Tier 2) Ability Telepathy
Gender Male Race/Eth. White
Birthdate April 1, 1980 Age 30
Height 6' Build Muscular
Eyes Green Hair Light Brown
Residence New York City
Employment Owner of the Blue Moon
Parents Philip Gibbs (Alive), Sheila Gibbs (Alive) Siblings None
Marital Status Single Children None
First Seen The Center Must Hold Last Seen
Aric Gibbs
portrayed by

Taylor Kitsch



Kaylee - Aric met Kaylee through Richard. Aric really wants to learn more about his ability and Richard thought she could teach him. Aric thinks she is friendly enough yet found out that he would need to learn on his own. She said if he needed anything he could call upon her.
Remi - Aric does not know what to think of the woman. She is a telepath who "accidently" scanned his mind in passing. She seems to have a sweet heart yet without his own telepathy to protect him against her ability he feels quite on edge in her presence.


An intelligent man who graduated high school and went onto to New York University. He graduated NYU with a degree in Business. A talented young man with creative ideas on how to make money. He has all the skills of someone who has graduated college from math to English to computers to research and development.

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*Aric's music will OOCly be Eric Hutchinson's music. Icly he will sound, sing, and play just like him. This will allow for everyone to enjoy his music as much as I do while keeping it In Character.

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