Lieutenant Curtis Autumn

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Name Curtis Sebastian Autumn Aliases Ashley "Ash" Williams
Status Registered Evolved (Tier 0) Ability Peak Human Condition
Gender Male Race/Eth. Caucasian
Birthdate 10/14/1983 Age 27
Height 6'1" Build Athletic
Eyes Blue Hair Blond
Residence Institute Facility
Employment United States Marines Corps

Curtis's Parents-
Daniel Autumn - Father
Michelle Autumn - Mother

Ash's Parents-
Sam Williams (Deceased - Killed by Ash)
Nancy Williams (Deceased - Killed by Sam Williams)

Siblings None
Marital Status Single Children None
First Seen I Want Candy Last Seen N/A

Lieutenant Curtis Autumn is a Marine to the core. He was raised in a military home, attended military school, and enrolled in the USMC academy the moment he finished high school. He has served his country numerous times at risk of life and limb since then, and continues to do so to this day. Even undertaking a memory altering deep cover operation into MOAB as Ashley Williams.

Ash is a killer. His time in New York since being sprung from MOAB has turned him into a cold hard killer willing to do whatever needs to be done to see the Evolved freed of government oppression. He's a member of Messiah, and has been with it almost from the beginning. Ash is currently missing, having disappeared during the November 8th riots.

Lieutenant Curtis Autumn
portrayed by

Kellen Lutz


Memorable Quotes:

  • OOC Adam says, "I suppose that works. Kaylee's like Luke and Adam's like Obi Won…Ash is like Han Solo….Sabrina's like C-3PO and I guess that makes Huruma Chewbacca."

Trivia and Notes:

  • Curtis has a set of claw scars on his left cheek that he got while in deep cover as Ash from one of the experiments during the ELoE's raid on Pinehearst.


  • Curtis has just had his own memories returned to him, learning in the process just how badly his mission into MOAB got out of hand. He's currently being held in an Institute facility pending a clean bill of mental health.



Curtis' Relationships:

autumn_icon.gif Curtis' grandfather. His inspiration through much of his young life, and the man who put him under cover as Ash. Now that he's back with his memories, he's not sure how he feels about his Grandfather's death. It will take time for him to figure things out.

Ash's Relationships:

isis_icon.gif Ash's former lover. He still cares deeply about her, but Ash is a selfish bastard and isn't willing to stick around to worry about her all the time with her near constant dissapearing acts. He broke it off after repeatedly being kept in the dark about trouble she was in.
jet_icon.gif An old friend with a past just as riddled with mystery and misfortune as Ash's own.
angel_icon.gif A friend from Ash's past that knows him pretty well. He hangs out with her from time to time but her personal relationship to Candy keeps him at arm's length.
tzigane_icon.gif The little gypsy that Ash met on the beach. He thinks she's cute in a very child like sort of way, and she's intriguing. Interesting company for sure, but he's not really sure what it is she does to keep herself busy.
kaylee_icon.gif Ash isn't sure if Kaylee is Adam's daughter, but the two definitely act the part. All he knows is she's Adam's personal little mind fucker, and she's not half bad to hang out with.
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