Astor Loukas

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Name Astor Loukas Aliases
Status Unregistered Evolved Ability Unknown
Gender Male Race/Eth. White
Birthdate Unknown Age 25
Height 6'½" Build Athletic
Eyes Hazel Hair Black
Residence Harlem, New York City ('Studio' apartment and other)
Employment Unknown
Parents Unknown Siblings Unknown
Marital Status Unmarried Children Unknown
First Seen The Places You'd Rather Be Last Seen
Profile Astor would not appear to do much besides collect strays, resentment, and track marks, but appearances are deceiving. And— let's not joke around now: picturesque.
Astor Loukas
portrayed by

Eduardo Verastegui


"My boy, few disciplines are more dismal than theology, but it may be important to consider the Doctrine of Disaster, which is the Han dynasty's chief contribution to the subject. Both the I-ching and the Huai-nan-tzu assert that natural disasters are not caused by Heaven, but allowed by Heaven. If men willfully disrupt the natural order of things, the gods will refuse to intervene while nature purges itself of the toxin, usually violently, and if the innocent suffer along with the guilty — well, the only way men learn anything is to have it smashed into their head with an axe."

Barry Hughart,
Eight Skilled Gentlemen

This character is a Staff-run NPC. Contact Chinatown if needed!


Other Information

  • Atheist, despite rare moments of weakness.
  • Favors gyros and coffee that essentially consists of unfiltered grounds spooned around in hot water.
  • Cultivates a few guerrilla gardens.
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