August "Auggie" White

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Name August White Aliases August Wickham
Status Unregistered Evolved Ability Energy Conversion
Gender Male Race/Eth. Caucasian
Birthdate April 2nd, 1969 Age 40
Height 6' Build Wiry
Eyes Blue Hair Graying
Residence Currently Unknown
Employment Currently Unknown
Parents Lord Henry Wickham and Lady Gloriana Wickham (adopted, estranged), and Unnamed Mother Siblings Various
Marital Status Unmarried/Single Children Unknown
First Seen Boys And Their Toys Last Seen Operation Lantern: Blind Spot

August was a pilot working at Chicago Air, until the Company snatched him up during Chicago Air's discreetly CIA-sanctioned bombing attack on Staten Island only to go missing when the combined attack on the Company interrupted his transfer to Homeland Security's custody. He has since been presumed dead.

His estranged father was a Lord of England, and he was formerly dating Megan Young.

August "Auggie" White
portrayed by

Mark Harmon
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August is a pilot for several types of aircraft both military and civilian, including the Tornado which he flew during his years with the RAF and the Partenavia P.68 Observer that he operates to help with camera-work, cartography, or search and rescue as a civilian. He is more than familiar with various protocols and procedures with airspace, as well as various bombs, missiles, and the tactical concerns of where to put them or avoid return-fire. He is also reasonably proficient at fitness, use and maintenance of firearms, demolitions, communications, temperate and desert survival, and boxing.

His other skills include football (don't call it soccer), general education, and mixing G&Ts.

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