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File #28 May 2009 04:42

Name Unknown Aliases Azrael
Status Unregistered Evolved Ability Possession
Gender Unknown Race/Eth. Unknown
Birthdate Unknown Age Unknown
Height Unknown Build
Eyes Unknown Hair Unknown
Residence Unknown
Employment Unknown
Parents Unknown Siblings Unknown
Marital Status Unknown Children Unknown
First Seen Alone In The Dark Last Seen The Angel of Death
Profile Azrael is an evolved serial killer currently pursued by Detectives Coren Shelby, Cassidy O'Shea, and Elisabeth Harrison and FBI Agent Felix Ivanov.
portrayed by

Billy Drago


  • Azrael is an NPC

Plot Scenes


What was thought to be a few prank calls turns out to be anything but. The perpetrator eventually winds up at Old Lucy's, where he briefly converses with Abigail before leaving his phone there and prank-calling the establishment. When Coren arrives, intent on discovering who is responsible for the prank calls to his cell phone, he goes out into the alley behind Old Lucy's, alone. In the dark.

Date Title Cast
May 4, 2009 Butting Heads Cassidy and Coren
May 19, 2009 A Simple Farewell Dinner Cassidy and Coren
May 20, 2009 We're Not Dating Cassidy and Coren
May 30, 2009 So, Dinner Tonight? Cassidy and Coren
May 31, 2009 And Then The Phone Rang! Cassidy, Coren, and Mortimer
May 31, 2009 Alone In The Dark Abby, Cassidy, Coren, and Azrael

Act I

A simple missing persons case turns into a total and utter nightmare. Morgan Delany goes to NYPD Headquarters to report her daughter, Jessy, missing. She is frantic, and it is her son, Cory, who manages to explain why they are there with a far cooler head. The investigators (Elisabeth and Felix) go to Jessy's school to talk to her RA and her roommate. What they thought may have been a simple runaway, however, soon proves itself to be something else entirely, as the modus operandi of a serial killer from Coren Shelby's past appears surrounding Jessy Delany, her family, and friends.

Date Title Cast
June 3, 2009 Hunch Cassidy and Rebecca
June 5, 2009 At Least The Morphine's Good Cassidy and Coren
July 3, 2009 Acting Out Cassidy, Coren, Elisabeth, Leland, and Felix
July 4, 2009 Not Just A Family Issue Elisabeth and Felix
July 8, 2009 Sounds Hinky Elisabeth and Felix
July 10, 2009 A Mark For A Hanging Felix and Rebecca
July 27, 2009 This Is A Serial Killer? Cassidy, Coren, Elisabeth, and Felix
July 27, 20091 So Much Time On Our Hands Coren and Felix
July 27, 20092 We Are So Screwed Cassidy, Elisabeth, and Azrael

Act II

The search for Jessy Delany continues, and a possible target of the serial killer is warned that she may be in danger.

Date Title Cast
July 28, 2009 A Bone To Pick Cassidy, Coren, and Elisabeth
July 30, 2009 Playing Maroczy Brian, Cardinal, Elisabeth, Sal, and Xiulan
August 2, 2009 Because There's Not Enough On Your Plate Abby and Elisabeth
August 2, 2009 How Blurry Can It Get Before The Line's Not There Anymore? Cardinal and Elisabeth
August 6, 2009 Grave Error Of Judgement Coren and Azrael
August 11, 2009 Good Luck... You're Gonna Need It Bennet and Elisabeth
August 19, 2009 The Last Call Cassidy and Coren
August 21, 2009 A Poor Choice Of Words Abby, Azrael, Coren, Elisabeth and Leonard


Now realizing what Azrael is, things begin to get a bit more complicated.

August 22, 2009 Good To Be Home Cassidy and Coren
August 25, 2009 My Game, My Rules Azrael and Elisabeth
August 25, 2009 Bone To Pick Azrael and Danko
August 27, 2009 He Knew Cassidy and Elisabeth
August 28, 2009 Left Hanging Azrael and Cassidy
August 28, 2009 Morrie's All-Occasion Liquor Cassidy, Coren, and Felix
September 3, 2009 Every Idiot With A Power Thinks They're A God Azrael and Cardinal
September 5, 2009 The Final Game, Part I Azrael and Cassidy

Act IV

September 6, 2009 The Final Game, Part II Cassidy, Coren, and Elisabeth
September 6, 2009 The Final Game, Part III Coren, Elisabeth and possibly others.
September 7, 2009 The Final Game, Part IV Azrael and Cassidy
September 7, 2009 Broken In Sixteen Minutes Azrael and Cassidy
September 7, 2009 He's So Burning That Couch Coren and Mortimer
September 7, 2009 Moving Out Of Zugzwang Cardinal, Claire, Elisabeth, Gillian, Jessica, Peyton, and Xiulan
September 7, 2009 Placeholder Lola and Mortimer
September 7, 2009 Leave Nothing Unfinished Aaron, Gillian, and Peyton
September 8, 2009 Nobody's As Good As Me, Sugar Coren and Lola
September 8, 2009 Huge Leap In Logic Coren and Elisabeth
September 10, 2009 The Angel Of Death Azrael, Cassidy, Coren, Elisabeth, and Lola

Case Files

The following files exist for all investigators who have access to the NYPD and FBI files. The current investigators with the NYPD, Coren Shelby, Elisabeth Harrison, Cassidy O'Shea, and FBI Liaison Felix Ivanov are in possession of the FBI files as they pertain to their current investigation. Please be sure to add any additional investigations to the NYPD case file and any scenes related to the Azrael plot in their respective Act (currently Act II).

FBI Case File 1999.6531247

1999-07-20 Elisabeth Dawn reported missing by parents in East Lansing, Michigan. East Lansing Police called in the FBI to help investigate.
1999-07-27 Elisabeth Dawn and Shirley Dawson found dead in their dormitories at Michigan State University. Bodies found side-by-side with slit wrists holding the other's hand. A single white queen chess piece was between them, hand-carved and polished with a gold 'A' on the bottom beneath the felt.
… (insert sixteen other deaths and disappearances here)
2000-03-24 Megan Manning reported missing in Oak Forest, Illinois. FBI is brought in to investigate. Discovers the usual signature of the serial killer. Presumed dead.
2000-04-29 Megan Manning escapes and is found and entered into FBI protection. There she is thoroughly interviewed by members of the BAU, including Dr. Coren Shelby. She is moved to another location when it appears her safety has been compromised.
2000-06-12 Megan Manning disappears from FBI protection.
2000-07-11 Megan Manning found again and is returned to FBI protection. Hospitalized.
2000-09-17 Megan Manning disappears again. Her body is never recovered, and the investigation into her third disappearance is continued until early 2001.

Total Victim Count: 19

NYPD Case File 2009.512666

2009-07-03 Jessy Delany reported missing by mother Morgan and brother Cory. It is presumed that Jessy is a runaway, but Det. Elisabeth Harrison and FBI Agent Felix Ivanov investigate nonetheless.
2009-07-04 Jessy Delany's roommate (Jackie Wilcox) and RA (Amanda Dawson) are interviewed.
2009-07-08 Jessy Delany's (ex-)boyfriend found dead by way of hanging.
2009-07-27 Jackie Wilcox and Megan Manning found dead by detectives Harrison and O'Shea.
2009-08-28 The staff of Morrie's All-Occasion Liquor are found dead. Detective O'Shea abducted.
2009-08-28 Detective O'Shea found on rooftop of an apartment building on East 6th Street. Building superintendent found dead.
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