Bao-Wei Cong

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Name Cong Bao-Wei Aliases Xuan Wu
Status Unregistered Evolved Ability Ice Mimicry
Gender Male (Chimeric Hermaphroditism) Race/Eth. Asian; Chinese
Birthdate February 3, 1953 Age 58
Height Various (Metahuman
5'10" (Human)
Build Various (Metahuman
Heavyset (Human)
Eyes Luminescent Gold, left (Metahuman)
Light Hazel, left; Brown, right (Human)
Hair None (Metahuman)
Black (Human)
Residence Unknown, Drifter
Employment Cong Medical Clinic; Staten Island Hospital
Parents Unknown Siblings None
Marital Status Unmarried Children None
First Seen Sanguine Last Seen N/A
Profile A doctor, scientist, (and torture specialist that once worked under and with the Flying Dragons); he is someone of significant standing within both the scientific world and the underworld. Bao-Wei once owned a small clinic in Chinatown that catered to those unable to go to a traditional clinic for whatever reason. These days, his world is much bigger, his purpose more disastrous, and his life ever-changing like the direction of the wind, for better or for worse. For the most part, worse.
Bao-Wei Cong
portrayed by

Sammo Hung

He who makes a beast of himself gets rid of the pain of being a man. - Samuel Johnson

Science and technology have reached a point where the means are finally catching up with imagination- the only thing preventing us from doing true, visionary work, are moral based restrictions. - Fringe; episode 6, The Cure

Only those who risk going to far, find out how far they can go. - Walter Bishop; Fringe


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Metahuman: See Gallery Below

Human: Standing at an average and well-postured 5'10", he may be a regular sight if he were not built much like a sumo wrestler. Coming to over 300 pounds, the Chinese man has an imposing figure already; his upper torso and arms would not be out of place on a gorilla, and though the hefty stomach over his belt makes him significantly round, with strong hands and muscle underneath that layer, it is obvious that he could throw his weight around and cause about as much damage as a bull in a china shop. With darker toned, mostly bare skin, eyebrows with peaked edges, a ridged nose, and a wide mouth and jaw he can appear somewhat beastlike; but as with many wild things, he also carries an air of nobility that significantly makes him less frightening. In that heavy-set face, there is an obvious abnormality; heterochromia has made his right eye a normal brown, but the other is a honey-hazel color. Other than this, the most distinguishing things about his face are his slight widow's peak, strip of white in his black hair, and off-and-on facial hair, often a goatee or thin moustache when appropriate. He wears silver-rimmed, half-moon glasses, and they help make his patient gait and rumbling voice less intimidating and more studious; he usually wears slacks and button-shirts, if not suits or labcoats. On his back and shoulders he has a large tattoo of a pot-bellied Chinese dragon; it is actually made of many smaller tattoos, to make the dragon form. On his right forearm is an elaborate black ink tattoo of a Fu Dog.

Social Circle


In her curiosity, Bella reminded Cong of himself at the beginning, in terms of drive; in her manner, however, she is her own. In that he hopes to wean her free of the constraints she seems to have put onto herself because of society. He found her to be a good student, of sorts, while he was working with her. On paper she was a technical superior, though in action and in results he saw himself as foremost a mentor to her and how she should develop as a researcher; it was a vaguely professor-student relationship while he tried to impress his technique onto her. Now, however, Bella has not only proven herself on the same level of function, but has also proven herself to be a valuable asset to him in countless ways. When it boils down- Bella Sheridan is the only person that he actually trusts. Not to mention that she is one of the only people to appear willing to be there for him. One person left, of billions. One friend, of billions.
The Boss. Chang was possibly the only man that Bao-Wei answered to without question; though some assume this to have been simply power over him, in the end, it was the respect the doctor had long carried for Ye that had kept him so loyal. First of all, the Flying Dragons gave him a chance; secondly, they also gave him a purpose. There is no better position for a doctor than to be needed. Since the triad seemed to match his moral obligations and persuasions, it was a done deal that he stick by Ye's side as soon as he was brought into the fold. Bao-Wei saw Chang Ye as a brother, of sorts, which fits that station and his relationship to the man and his family.
When it comes to the Ye siblings, Bao-Wei was at one time their tutor, and remained connected to the two as 'Uncle'. His relationship with Liu was far more businesslike and normal than with Song, but he and the young man had a mutual respect; in regards to Song, he had always done his best to keep her appeased, but not bored, and even if she realized such, she very likely found the old Doctor still worth giving attention to. On a more universal level, Doctor Cong is a man they would have leveled with hypocrisy for should they enforce the Evolved station on the triad, and he is a trustworthy pillar within the Flying Dragons otherwise, as well as the closest thing either of them had to family after the death of their father. He handled Song's death with relative grace, but in the end she was always a child to him; that did not, however, stop him from removing her brain and some various parts before preparing her for burial. Well, actually, he kept all of her. Whoops. Liu's death was handled less gracefully, and it only served to toil up his ground and make him more brusque than ever. Overall, he did see them as the family he has never actually had- nor will have, at this stage. He misses them dearly and regrets not being a better guide, though only few may ever get that admission.

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