Sebastian "Baz" St. George

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Name Sebastian Michael St. George Aliases
Status Unregistered Evolved Ability Audio Mimicry
Gender Male Race/Eth. Caucasian
Birthdate January 22 Age 31
Height 6'1" Build muscular/well-built
Eyes amber/light brown Hair auburn
Residence NYC
Employment worldwide - rock star
Parents Tam and Cathleen St. George Siblings Brothers: Lucian (presumed dead). Atticus. Cianan. Aidan. Giles. Gregory. Elias (youngest brother).
Sisters: Rhian (oldest sister). Phoebe. Bridget (youngest sister and last child).
Marital Status Single. Children None.
First Seen 3/23: Insolence from a Punk Last Seen

Sebastian, aka Baz, is a rock star - but a fairly new one. He started to get big just before the Bomb, and afterward has taken his time continuing the whole thing with his touring and such. He moved to the NYC area more or less because of family there, and because in his heart he does want to try and help the place out. This doesn't mean he isn't easily recognizable by this point as the lead singer and guitarist of "The Cursed" (a hard rock band) by those who listen to the music, but those who don't listen probably have no idea who he is.

He comes from a very large family, and is thus far an unregistered Evolved. He could have plenty of affiliations in the past to work with, and is open to making new ones now. RP Hooks that have been offered publicly: with relations between Evolved and non-Evolved tense at best, having his livelihood threatened by exposure from someone could be interesting to play out. He's aware of his ability, and considers it next to useless in the face of others' abilities, which has led him to have a complex with it. Needless to say, he may try and find other ways to compensate. He's available to RP out concerts for this or that reason, in nightclubs or in much bigger venues. Stuff could happen there too. If anyone would like to be the Evolved who almost killed him several years back, and who DID kill his fiancee, Miranda, I'd love to talk to you about it.

He's open for ideas other than this.

Sebastian "Baz" St. George
portrayed by

Marcus Schenkenberg
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