Benjamin Fletcher

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Name Benjamin Fletcher Aliases
Status Unregistered Non-Evolved
Gender Male Race/Eth. Caucasian
Birthdate December 7, 1980 Age 28
Height Build
Eyes Blue Hair Dark
Employment EMT (Emergency Medical Technician)
Parents Carrie Fletcher, Dennis Stanwood Siblings Melissa Fletcher-Gonzalez, Ryan Fletcher
Marital Status Single Children
First Seen Ben From Boston Last Seen Perchance To Dream
Profile Benjamin Fletcher was a medical student who got caught up in Evolved politics and wound up dropping out. After tragedy in his hometown of Boston, he's moved to New York to contact and continue his work with the pro-Evolved. After a brief stint as a courier, he currently serves as an EMT, logging field hours.
Benjamin Fletcher
portrayed by

Ian Somerhalder
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Medicine: Ben never finished medical school, but he got really close to it. As such, he requires some practical experience with doctoring but has a lot of the basics down pat. He's learned how to make do without much equipment and has had some experience with field conditions. He has learned not to be squeamish.

Voracious Reader: Ben reads. Ben's been reading since he was a wee little boy, and he retains a lot of what he's read. He digests books and he reads all kinds of them; name a genre, and he's probably read a bunch of books in it. Even odder genres. A Ben with no book is an unhappy Ben.

Geekery: Ben enjoys the benefits to being a big ol' geek; he's proficient with computers (he can use them, but fixing them is beyond him), he can talk about Star Trek. A lot. And Star Wars. And Battlestar Galactica. And so on.

Movies: Ben once dated a film student for over a year and now knows far more than he ever, ever wanted to about films and the film-making process.

Fighting: Ben has been in more than a few scuffles and has learned from them. While he hasn't studied martial arts, he does know some basic self-defense crap and is aided by his knowledge of human anatomy. Ben knows where to kick where it hurts and he just might manage to do it if he's got a clear shot.

Guns: While he owns a small firearm, Ben has never fired it at a living person. He can hit tin cans most of the time, but he'd really rather not use the thing on people. He recognizes the necessity of it, however, and personal experience has made him wonder if he should think about using it more often.

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