Bill Dean

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Name Bill Dean Aliases
Status Unregistered Evolved Ability Empathy
Gender Male Race/Eth. White
Birthdate 10/13/51 Age 57
Height Average Build Average
Eyes Brown Hair Blonde
Residence New York
Employment Used Car Salesman
Parents Siblings
Marital Status Evelyn Dean (wife; deceased)
Jacqueline (wife)
Children Helena Dean
Liam Jr.
First Seen It Last Seen Thicker Than Water
Profile William Dean — Bill to all his friends — is a used car salesman in the tiny town of Sleepy Hollow. His claim to fame is, to his chagrin, being the father of renowned "terrorist" Helena Dean.
Bill Dean
portrayed by

Stellan Skarsgard

"William's an old man's name, please, call me Bill. You see that old Hyundai in the back of the lot? Yeah, m'thinking that's exactly the kind've car you're lookin' for. Lemmie show you what's under the hood."



"Eventually, someone's going to take a stand, and someone's got to step up to the plate and make it safe for all of us people to be able to go outside without fear've them."

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