Bolivar Rodriguez-Smith

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Name Bolivar Rodriguez-Smith Aliases Bolivar
Status Unregistered Non-Evolved
Gender Male Race/Eth. Multiracial (Hispanic/White)
Birthdate August 21 Age 35
Height 5'4" Build Thin
Eyes Brown? Hair Brown
Residence Manhattan
Employment NYPD
Parents Aaron Smith
Monica Rodriguez
Siblings N/A
Marital Status Divorced Children N/A
First Seen Pity Last Seen
Profile Before the bomb, Bolivar was a police sniper and officer. After the bomb, he suffered radiation poisoning (7 sieverts, no full recovery possible) and first-degree burns, his wife left him, and he was unemployed until revoked benefits/imploded economy drove him back — as a member of the K-9 Unit. He was almost as hateful before the bomb as after. One of his dogs is missing.
Bolivar Rodriguez-Smith
portrayed by
Misha Collins


Gravedigger, when you dig my grave
Could you make it shallow, so
That I can feel the rain?

Dave Matthews, "Gravedigger"



You might even count as friends?


December Title Summary
1st Pity Bolivar can't stand it, not even from a well-meaning ex-coworker.
5th Undercurrents Rami picks up on distinct racist ones, while Tamara flits by wearing a face from the past.

Memorable Quotes

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Trivia and Notes

  • Bolivar was inspired by various secondhand stories from John Hersey's Hiroshima, the gentleman who started to teach the player judo once upon a time — who raised police dogs, a bunch of kids from this Specific Learning Disorder program and their benefactors in Hong Kong, several cool atheists, and some extremely psychologically intense and proportionally intelligent people from THE INTERNET. Also, my mom, who is tiny and furious. Bolivar's attachment to dogs is derived partly from acclaimed director Mamoru Oshii, who features at least one basset hound in every film he makes, claiming that his pet dog is his anchor to the real world.
  • Speaking of dogs, Bolivar owns: 1 Welsh spaniel (detection dog in training), 1 German shepherd (retired patrol dog), and 1 American pit bull terrier (retired patrol dog). The pit bull terrier continues to be missing, much to his chagrin. He occasionally wanders the streets of downtown Manhattan with a photograph of his baby girl (kind of like Colette but weirder?). His other girls are named: Logan Rose (the spaniel) and Nina Lou (the shepherd).
  • Embarrassingly enough, a 'Kabalarians' type website was heavily involved in constructing Bolivar's personality because it felt some kind of classy to give his preference of names some kind of significance. You can read their pretentious blurbs here!
  • More toxically angry than depressed, Bolivar tends to smoke marijuana. The occasional joint doesn't do much for either of these conditions, but it does help him sleep at night: insomnia tends to take the form of lengthy internal rants to himself. Weed also helps dull the pain of bone marrow transfusions, which he continues to have to do occasionally. He has a legal prescription for these substances.
  • Bolivar has a rare condition called situs inversus, and a fairly major version thereof. This means all his organs are mirrored and reversed across the dorsal line of his body inside his torso's cavity: his heart toward the right side of his chest instead of the left, and all other parts sorted accordingly. He has never suffered health complications directly due to this. He is also dyslexic, which messed up his life more.
  • His bone marrow donor is his mother. They don't come into contact much besides that.
  • He is a pretty good shot, insofar as that he can shoot not to kill. This provides excuse not to carry pepper spray or a taser around unless explicitly ordered to.

Jason has an incarnation in 2019 for the Sound of Thunder plot. Please see Jason Bolivar Rodriguez-Smith for more information.

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