Harve Brennan

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Name Harve Patrick Brennan III MD Aliases
Status Registered Evolved (Tier 0) Ability Negation
Gender Male Race/Eth. White
Birthdate February 14, 1973 Age 36 Years.
Height 5'11 Build 212 Pounds.
Eyes Brown Hair Brown
Residence Flatbush, Southern Brooklyn
Employment Suresh Center - Head of Medical Staff
Private Practice
Parents Harve Patrick Brennan II
Maureen Brennan
Siblings 3 brothers
Marital Status Married - Michelle Brennan Children Genevieve (5)
Dessandra (5)
Henri (<1)
Marlena (9) - Deceased
First Seen Brain Strain Last Seen
Profile Doctor Harve Brennen. Physician, activist, family man and Author. A man who has spent many years in war torn area's of the world, providing medical care to those who cannot afford it, studying the evolved impact in third world countries and has now written a book called "We are all evolved". An extraordinary and privileged American citizen.
Harve Brennan
portrayed by

Matthew Fox

"Some point, during development in utero, when the cells are dividing, when that spark of creation of life that prompts the splitting from one, to two, to four, to eight cells and onwards to the creation of a tiny human, I believe that a genetic switch is hit and you're either born with an extraordinary ability, or born an extraordinary person. I acknowledge that it could, in the future near or far, be an engineered thing. Gene therapy to give those who wish it, the chance to become SLC-expressive, or even, for those who seem to have been graced with an ability that they find impedes their day to day life, a chance to become just an extraordinary human." - Doctor Brennan - Divergent Branches



Harvard Medical was the alma mater of choice. He's a skilled physician who specializes in general praction, but through the virtue of his many years with Doctors Without Borders and time overseas, he's also got a knack for Emergency medicine.


While Brennan is a published author, his two tomes have never and will likely never be making the bestsellers list and only one or two copies carried in the big stores. These were side projects while working out in the countries, or during a documentary that has yet to air about the life of evolveds in third world countries.



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