Brian Fulk

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Name Brian Winters Aliases Brian Fulk
Status Unregistered Evolved Ability Replication
Gender Male Race/Eth. Caucasian
Birthdate May 18, 1986 Age 23
Height 6'1" Build Muscular
Eyes Gray Blue Hair Dark Blond
Residence Formerly The Lighthouse
Employment Formerly The Lighthouse
Parents Alison and Jeffrey Winters Siblings Gillian Childs
Marital Status Involved (Kameron)
Engaged (Veronica)
Engaged (Samara)
First Seen And Jesus Brought a Soapbox Last Seen A Thousand Shadows Yet still seen!
Profile A man with a mission to serve God and further the Greater Good. Deeply confused and frustrated on how to find his destiny, he roams with a goal to help people while ultimately figuring out why God has given him this ability.
Brian Fulk
portrayed by

Ryan Phillippe


The Lives Of Brian

Brian is currently going through some funky shit. Due to losing his powers and being hit with a massive amount of refrain, Brian's remaining bodies have been catapulted into various mindsets throughout his lifetime. This is an overview of which Brian is in what place, who that Brian knows, what he knows, all that. I'm going to try and stay up to date. But lol, it's me.
brian2_icon.gif Brian left the Company after it was revealed to him that the Company killed his parents. Roger Goodman tried to get him to sign onto Pinehearst. Instead of signing on with Goodman, Brian fled the Company. He currently thinks he is being hunted by the Company and Pinehearst. He does not know both organizations are defunct.

He is returned to the memory of having reunited with Veronica and finding out that she loves him. But now he woke up at the Bay House with Samara. Not recognizing her at all, he figured it was some sort of weird trick set by some loose associate of the Company. Grabbing the first suit he saw and a weapon, he took off. And is now somewhere in the city, most likely looking for the person he loves and probably the only person he thinks he can trust right now. Veronica.
brian5_icon.gif This Brian has been returned to the memory of his BEST BIRTHDAY ever. He just turned sixteen and his mom let him have a butt ton of friends stay over at the ranch for the night. All sixteen, all nerdy, and all immature they had the most fun birthday anyone has possibly ever had. Playing computer and video games with stupid amounts of food, they went to play pranks on the neighbors in the woods then came back to have an all night just straight up war between two groups of friends. Hostages were even taken to the pantry. One of Brian's teammates was put into 'concentration camp' where he was forced to look at the back of a book for a long time and think real hard about it. Brian eventually passed out playing his new computer game.

He woke up to find himself in a castle. A castle. And immediately freaking out started running until Delia and Huruma stopped him and took him to the infirmary. Huruma is scary. Delia is hot. And even though she says a lot of stuff that doesn't make sense, she's hanging around him a lot. So he's pretty sure something mystical happened to him like the movie Big. Maybe it was concentration camp.

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Brian never says anything memorable.


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