Candace "Candy" Allard

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Name Candace "Candy" Allard Aliases Noriko Amagi
Status Registered Evolved (Tier 2) Ability Hydrokinesis
Gender Female Race/Eth. Asian; Japanese American
Birthdate 07/22/1983 Age 26
Height 5'3" Build Slender
Eyes Dark Brown Hair Brown
Residence Unknown
Employment None
Parents Ai and Souji Amagi Siblings Unknown
Marital Status Single (dating Tenshi "Angel" Mamagoto) Children None
First Seen Reassignment Last Seen N/A
Candace "Candy" Allard
portrayed by

Kaoru Sakurako



Date Title Summary Cast
May 12 Reassignment After months in the Moab Federal Penitentiary, Candace Allard returns to New York City to report to her Pinehearst superiors. Candy Goodman
May 13 An Unwilling Vacation Candy's back from one. Candy Cat
May 13 Sales Pitch Candy is bored, so Leah tries to sell her some drugs. Like you do. Candy Leah
May 14 Post-It Mistress Candy, Delilah. Delilah, Candy. Candy Delilah
May 14 Back From the Future The Lost Eight are taken back to Cat's place, and Helena meets some new faces. Candy Cat Delilah Helena
May 16 PEDA for Frontline A peaceful demonstration by Humanis First supporters gets out of hand when a mysterious woman stands up in defiance of the FRONTLINE Act. Candy Chuck Tracy
May 17 No Candy for You Candy's actions have consequences, but they may turn into an opportunity. Candy Cat Helena
May 19 Candy and 10; Super Spies Candy calls the Locos to take them up on their earlier request for help, then they break Mortimer out against his will. Candy Mortimer
May 20 Changing of the Guard Candy arrives at Pinehearst Headquarters to meet Roger Goodman, but instead finds that he's mysteriously no longer with the company. Candy Jenn
May 23 Spokesperson v. Spokesperson Miss Cee shows up to try and explain herself to Tracy, who is having none of it. When they leave, a mysterious clue is left behind. Candy Tracy
May 27 Candy's Shop Candy recieves a shadowy visitor in the form of Cardinal, and she confirms her report on Humanis First. Candy Cardinal
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