Carrie Angela Castillo

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Name Carrie Angela Castillo Aliases
Status Unregistered Non-Evolved
Gender Female Race/Eth. Hispanic
Birthdate January 25, 1974 Age 35
Height 5' 5" Build 135 lb
Eyes Brown Hair Black
Residence Fort Hero
Employment The Company
Parents Ginny Castillo (alive, mother)
Tony Castillo (deceased, father)
Siblings Several
Marital Status Divorced Children Marie(deceased, daughter)
First Seen Lamb to the Slaughter Last Seen
Profile Non-evolved woman from California. She is Ex-military and ex-LAPD Swat, and now it's looking like she's come out East to work for Primatech Paper. Family think she's crazy for having dropped a good job with SWAT to sell paper. She lost a young daughter in a multi car pileup several years back.
Carrie Angela Castillo
portrayed by
Salma Hayek



Military Training

She went into the Army as an MP, military police. She learned the basics of combat, military strategy. She learned the basics of law enforcement in relations to military law.



Agent Corbin Ayers (Temporary Partner)

Probably one of the few men she's met that could pull off a busy hawaiian shirt. Seriously. That's where she first saw the guy. Non-Evolved like her, they have been thrown together for a few cases. However, he hasn't had the same training that Carrie has. He's more of a paper pusher. Only time will tell if man can stand being around the gruff woman.


Seth "Grim" Grimalkin (Former Partner, Maybe Again?)

She knew she'd be paired with one of 'them', she dreaded it even. What she didn't expect was someone like Grim. Stubborn, thick-headed, loyal… and a willing friend. Damn him for him making her like him, she suppose to hate him, distrust him. After disapearing during the month long vacation, Grim showed up again in Adam Monroe's gang. Everyone doubted he was still loyal, but Carrie knew better. Her loyalty has paid off…. maybe one day she'll get her partner back. Even if he drives her crazy.


Senior Agent Len Denton

He's her boss and likes Karoke. He bowls so that's a big plus in Carrie's eyes. What more is there to really say?


Agent Minea Dahl (Deceased)

Carrie hunted her… Minea shot her… Carrie surprisingly doesn't hold a grudge.


Agent Veronica Sawyer

Yeah, Carrie called her girlie cuase she complained about a training exercise, not to mention how the agent dresses. Compared to Carrie… she's girlie. Cuase of that Vee doesn't like Carrie. Tsks. Aw well.

Date Title Summary Cast
9th The Watery Grave Len senses something is not right and his investigative prowess leads him and Carrie to Meadow Lake. carrie_icon.giflen_icon.gif
19th You're Homeland Magnes checks with Carrie to see if there is anything she can do to help find Bella. carrie_icon.gifmagnes_icon.gif



RP Hooks:

*Works for Home Sec/The Company.

*Former Military and SWAT. Trained as a Sniper.

*Like Bowling. Horrible singer.

*Lost a daughter to an Evolved incident, so she's rather distrustful of them.


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