Kasha "Cash" Beauchamp

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Name Kasha Beauchamp Aliases Deanna Cash, Kasha Gerken
Status Registered Non-Evolved (falsified) Ability Stone Mimicry
Gender Female Race/Eth. Caucasian
Birthdate May 31, 2010 Age 31
Height 5'9" Build Slender
Eyes Steel Blue Hair Dirty Blonde (Dark Roots)
Employment The Corinthian Hotel & Casino (Groundskeeper/Gardener)
Saint Clare's
Parents Deceased
Abigail Beauchamp (adopter)
Siblings None
Marital Status Widowed (Lance Gerken) Children None
First Seen Similar Losses Last Seen
Kasha "Cash" Beauchamp
portrayed by

Ewa Witkowska


Cash is a staff-controlled NPC. Please contact Queens for details.

Log List
11/27/2010 Similar Losses Nicole meets a woman who has a shared experience in the loss of loved ones while visiting the Rose Garden.
12/04/2010 How You Doin'? A large group converges on the edge of the burned part of Queens, while Cash comes baring a woven wreath of flowers in an attempt to make the world a little less dark.
12/24/2010 Silent Night, Part I A mysterious statue comes to the rescue of a couple damsels when a Christmas Eve party goes badly.
Safe and Sound, If A Little Bruised Abby and Nadira wake up far from the party with their defender, who reveals herself to be Deanna Cash.
12/25/2010 I Had Been Hoping You'd Stay For Christmas Abby has difficulty sleeping and her and Cash go for a walk and discuss their husbands. One dead and one Abby must avoid contact with due to being on the run.
02/05/2011 Touched By An Angel Cash overhears a conversation between Brian and Delia and offers flowers and advice to them.
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