Chang Ye

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Name Chang Ye Aliases
Status Unregistered Evolved Ability Osteokinesis
Gender Male Race/Eth. Asian (Han Chinese)
Birthdate October 12th, 1932 Age 76
Height 5'11" Build Thin
Eyes Brown Hair Black
Residence Chinatown, Manhattan
Employment Chinatown, Manhattan (Flying Dragons mob boss)
Parents Unknown Siblings Unknown
Marital Status Widower (formerly married to Zhang Ye) Children Song Ye (deceased)
Liu Ye (deceased)
First Seen Be Somebody Last Seen Just Be...
Profile Chang Ye was the head of the Flying Dragons, New York's branch of the Chinese Triad, he was killed by Agent Brian Winters during an operation to extract Tyler Case by the Company.
Chang Ye
portrayed by

James Hong



February 2009
Date Scene Characters
02/17 Be Somebody Tyler
Blood and Trust Bao-Wei
03/16 Just Be... Bao-Wei Elisabeth Ezra Felix Liu Myron Song Tyler and Winters
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