Charlie Riggs

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Name Charles Riggs Aliases
Status Unregistered Evolved Ability Unbreakable Bones
Gender Male Race/Eth. Caucasian
Birthdate Unknown Age 38
Height 6'2" Build Heavyset
Eyes Brown Hair Brown
Residence Unknown
Employment Formerly the Pancratium, Bodyguard
Parents Unknown Siblings Unknown
Marital Status Divorced Children Unknown
First Seen Filatov's and a Favour Last Seen Charlie Riggs
Profile Charles Riggs works at Pancratium as Muldoon's bodyguard and enforcer in general.
Charlie Riggs
portrayed by

Dominic Purcell
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Brawling: Charlie loves him some fighting. He fights dirty, he fights mean, and he fights like someone who can't break bones, which opens up some possibilities regular people just don’t have. He’s used to joint locks and knowing his bones can’t be snapped, so he doesn’t have the automatic reaction of twisting in the expected direction. Fighting his what he loves and it's his raison d'etre at the moment. He goes at it like a man with nothing to lose. He's familiar with a number of weapons and his pain tolerance is very high. He knows where to hit to hurt or disorient. While he has no fixed style, he incorporates a number of different martial arts in his techniques.

Size and Strength: HULK SMASH. Dude is freaky strong, though it doesn't classify as super strength.

Guns: Charles was a cop, and a good shot. He's familiar with most types of firearms.

Sports: Running, kicking, throwing, swinging a stick or a bat around, he's done it. He was the guy who was on every team in high school. He especially liked football, with baseball being a close second.

Drinking: Charles fits the stereotype of the gigantic guy who can drink like a fish. It takes a helluva lot to get him drunk.

Cooking: He can make do with what he has. It's not delicious, but he doesn't burn water and he can make a good batch of cookies.

Sewing: Shut up.

Pool: Being a frequent bar fly, Charlie has taught himself how to play some pool. He’s no shark, but he’s pretty good.

Security: Charlie has a good nose (and eye) for trouble and troublemakers, knowing where concealed weaponry is, and spotting people who look 'out of place'.

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