Conrad Wozniak

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Name Conrad Wozniak Aliases
Status Registered Evolved (Tier 1) Ability Audiokinesis
Gender Male Race/Eth. Caucasian
Birthdate ??/??/???? Age 35~
Height 6'1" Build Muscular
Eyes Brown Hair Dark
Residence New York, New York
Employment Ex-Military Peacetime Vet, Fast Food Worker, Salesman, Petty Criminal, Chronically Unemployed
Parents Siblings
Marital Status Single Children
First Seen Connections Last Seen Endgame - Resonance
Profile Conrad Reginald Wozniak was a petty crook with a long rap sheet of nonviolent criminal activity. He was sly and sneaky, and somehow simultaneously manages to be in someone's face a lot of the time. He had the ability to manipulate and discriminate between subtleties of sound.
Conrad Wozniak
portrayed by

Bruce Campbell





Liz is someone Conrad knows in the sense that they should probably be enemies. Ever since he's been having run-ins with NYPD, she's been one of the several cops to handle him. It's only recently that he's run into her again and figured out (or at least he THINKS he has) that she's Evolved and in the closet about it. There's a little bit of guts-hating in their relationship, if one can call it that, but there's also this insane inexplicable respect on Con's part that happens for totally no reason.


Their association is not exactly a warm one, but Con and Flint know each other because, frankly, Con needs a good fence from time to time. And Flint is a good fence. He's generally careful, reliable, and keeps his pie-hole shut. He's also Evolved, so the two of them get along on that level too. They also share a healthy love of money and a lack of regard for the property rights of others.


November Title Summary
6th Connections Conrad, meet _phoenix. Phoenix meets Conrad.
7th Friday Night Fever Conrad at the nightclub Rapture with a bunch of pretty girls. Excuse me; women.
8th Son of a Bitch Him and Elisabeth, they go way back. A casual diner conversation.
14th Make Me A List Phoenix's leader asks Conrad to undertake an important responsibility and shares other sensitive intelligence. No punchline!
17th Ken And Barbie's Big Night Out Helena and Conrad go to see Kain to talk shop, thereby establishing two thirds of the unholy Triumvirate.
18th The Notebook Deckard gets a visit from Conrad, who discovers Flint's got some problems.

Memorable Quotes

  • "I ain't worried about you taking a bullet, sis. When Claire lies like a dog you're just gonna buy it though. You asked me to come on board this operation, you know." Oh great, now Conrad's doing his Han Solo pose where he thumbs himself in the chest and talks to Helena like she's Leia and they're still at the hate-each-other stage of the relationship. "Anyway, don't pretend I have to actually be there. All I have to do is know where you're at and I can listen to every last word. I'm nifty like that."Connections
  • Conrad snaps his fingers and says as if recollecting an especially funny story. "Remember the time you caught me gettin that handjob from the co-ed in that alley in Chinatown? And you cuffed me before I had a chance to pull my pants up? Ha!" Good times!Son of a Bitch
  • As he parks, Elisabeth looks at him. "They seem to think it's a form of subsonic telepathy. That it's not just sound, that maybe I've got some latent telepath abilities that are tied to it. But … my theory is more that … well, the brain's an organic machine, right? And like any machine, it has an electrical field, and that field has certain frequencies and resonances that are more …. in tune. I think that what I do is sort of an instinctive manipulation of my voice to become more in tune with the wavelengths their brains work on so that I can enhance the ones that influence them." She shrugs. "I may not have all the terms right, but… it makes sense to me. Because I can't *force* someone to do something against their own best interests or anything. No pushing people to suicide or anything like that. But I can suggest, and lace the suggestion with harmonics, that they do things that are neutral or in tune with their own notion of 'good', and they're more prone to do it. I think of it as more a form of hypnosis than telepathy."
Con watches Liz carefully while she explains all this. He takes a hand, whips it past the top of his head, and says, "Whoosh! Let's eat."


Trivia and Notes

  • Fate contrives to put him in the same space as Deckard and Kain (also Marla) in due time.
  • Conrad fears dying from being brained with a bucket o' poop.
  • Wants to do Claire in the butt.
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