Dr. Coren James Shelby

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Name Coren James Shelby Aliases
Status Registered Evolved (Tier 1) Ability Superhuman Endurance
Gender Male Race/Eth. Caucasian
Birthdate 1960-12-17 Age 48
Height 5'7 Build 140 lbs
Eyes Hazel Hair Auburn
Residence Lower East Side
Employment New York Police Department
Parents Gloria Shelby
Reuban Shelby
Siblings None
Marital Status Divorced (Mentally linked to Cassidy) Children Jacob Shelby (1999-03-09)
First Seen I Hate Lawyers Last Seen
Profile A former FBI profiler and criminologist, Dr. Coren Shelby is now a detective with the New York Police Department.
Dr. Coren James Shelby
portrayed by
Tim Roth


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Person Profile
Cassidy O'Shea is a nice, young detective whom Coren feels very deeply about. They share a deep mental and emotional bond, a link that allows them to feel each other's emotions and, when in close proximity, hear each other's thoughts. While there is a thirty-mile radius before the link shrinks down to little more than a whisper of the other's life, he has no intent of being that far away from her every again, especially after her encounter with Azrael. He will stay with her until the very end. He loves her.
Abigail Beauchamp is possibly one of the most tragic individuals Coren has ever encountered. She was an evolved healer, abducted and held illegally on Staten Island by criminals who abused her and her gift. Her kidnappers are at large. One of them, James Muldoon, skipped town before an arrest warrant could be issued. She is now without her gift, and saw Coren after he'd been shot twice. She couldn't help, and the very idea that she had to sit back and watch like that tears Coren up inside. The fact that now Cassidy has been tortured and Abigail is once again unable to help beyond providing the name of another healer is just another reason he feels so badly for her.


Date Title Summary Cast
3rd And She Laughed Like A Hyena Memory is a fickle thing. There are many things that can be learned from a memory, as Coren and Cassidy discover. cassidy2_icon.gifcoren2_icon.gif
7th The Return Of John Doe John Doe pays Cassidy a visit to figure out why Mortimer no longer seems to hold an interest in her. adam_icon.gifcassidy2_icon.gifcoren2_icon.gif
16th Case Closed Coren finally receives the information he was looking for, though hoping not to find. And, with the Azrael case closed as it is, he expresses to Liz that he intends to resign. coren2_icon.gifelisabeth_icon.gif

Memorable Quotes

  • "I hate lawyers."1
  • "It's the surveillance video showing Nalani Hollingwood stumbling into Grace Matheson, and Matheson sweeping her off her feet."2
  • "I don't think there is a protocol for dealing with Nalani Hollingwood."3

July Bloopers

From Many Things Unsaid:

It's far less strange when we're physical near than apart. I can still drive you crazy from my own apartment, Coren teases. "When you go home, I go home," he says. "Not sure what I'll do once I'm there, but I'm sure I can find something to do. Then again, the curfew's been rolled back to give people a whole hour and a half more time out, maybe I'll go out and get a drink."

No oogling the asses of the tenders. Giving him a pointed look, she's been working hard to wipe certain things from her brain for him. Rolling close to her desk again, she starts powering down the computer. "I should hopefully passed out… by… then." She trails off as something tickles at the back of her mind. She's learned not to try and concentrate on it, cause it doesn't work. Brows lower as she closes her eyes and tries to ignore Coren's mental chatter.

"I prefer yours."

Detectives Cassidy O'Shea and Coren Shelby
Detectives Cassidy O'Shea and Coren Shelby
Photo courtesy of Abby's player

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