Courtney Danielle Hamilton

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Name Courtney Danielle Hamilton Aliases
Status Unregistered Non-Evolved
Gender Female Race/Eth. Caucasian
Birthdate 09/30/1982 Age 25
Height 5'3" Build Petite
Eyes Brown Hair Dark
Employment New York Post (Reporter)
Parents Sterling and Madison Hamilton Siblings
Marital Status Relationship (Cat) Children
First Seen Arrival And Artwork Last Seen A Goodnight To Lost Love
Courtney Danielle Hamilton
portrayed by

Lacey Chabert



  • Languages: She's trilingual. French and Spanish are her other tongues.
  • Dance: She's passable at formal dance.
  • Tennis: Her sport in high school was tennis; she had enough skill to compete on the school's team, but abandoned athletics after graduation.
  • Typing: She's a fast and accurate typist.
  • Academics: In science and mathematics she knows enough to understand the terms and procedures involved, but her pursuit of those subjects stopped after meeting minimum requirements.
  • First Aid: She can perform CPR and possibly stop someone from bleeding to death.
  • Driving: She's good enough at driving to travel streets in a large city without crashing or losing her license for getting too many tickets.
  • Journalism: Her strongest skills are in investigative journalism and creative writing. She's capable (in theory) of winning Pulitzer prizes, writing successful novels, and publishing poetry.




Catherine Chesterfield
Cat is Dani's BFF, confidant, college buddy, and good man Friday, as it were. She trusts the other woman completely, a shared trust, as Catherine shared the secret of her own abilities back when the two were in college. Especially with the alienation from her own family, Cat is the closest thing Dani has to family now, and she's fiercely protective of her friend. They've recently moved into a new phase of their relationship.


Ygraine Fitzroy
Ygraine is apparently a friend of Cat's, and by association, a friend of Dani's, though it seems that apparently the courier had some concern and kind words for her when she was in the hospital. Cat apparently seems impressed with the other woman's debate skills (which likely means she's quite smart), and Dani can think of worse things than listening to that accent. (She managed to not make any comments, nor blush, during the skin-tight lycra discussion). Thus far, Dani's interested in knowing more, especially since she seems to frequent the bar Cat plays at.


Peter Petrelli
Dani's dynamic with Peter started out with her finding he'd etched major artwork into the window and wall of Cat's place, and then a promise exacted by Cat NOT to take official reporter-ish note of it. Then things got more interesting when he started teleporting in and out of the place. And of course, more complicated still when it turned out that both Peter and Dani had a thing for Cat. Awkward much? But at the same time, he was there and helped her out after her attack by Mischa and Kain's setup, and probably was heavily responsible for saving her life. As far as Dani's concerned, she owes him big-time.


September 2008


Volume One: Ascent

  • Chapter 1: Frankie Civella Sings: No participation.
  • Chapter 2: Masks: Only peripheral involvement. Basically drifts in and out of Peter's orbit while he's discussing the events of.
  • Chapter 3: In Good Company: No participation.
  • Chapter 4: Scorched: No participation.
  • Chapter 5: Deconstructing Daniel Linderman: Dani's the pivot point of the Chapter. It was her investigations into the Linderman group that set it off, and the subsequent events have largely been motivated by her actions.



  • Dani hates her given first name with the white-hot glow of a thousand suns. Not only does she feel it's horribly dated and 80's, but it was also her parents' name for her, and well, she doesn't get along with them. It only shows on a few legal documents. To her eternal regret, Cat knows it and uses it on occasion.
  • Dani is Really Not A Fan Of Heights. Doesn't like them at all. It's not so bad if she can see solid floor under her; being on a high story of a building or even the roof isn't so bad. But if she can see air in any capacity under her (on a ladder, on grated flooring), she tends to have a little bit of a freakout moment.
  • Also? Not a fan of flying. Not only does it involve heights some, but while she never gets carsick, she gets airsick like whoa. Do Not Want.
  • Dani is Really REALLY Not A Fan Of Bugs. Creepy-crawlies? Can GTFO. A bug on her hair or on her skin or honestly, even really close to her will cause her to freak out. Talking total squealing, flailing, and in all other ways trying to get the hell away from the tiny hellbeast.
  • Dani happens to be a lesbian. Her earlier attempt-at-marriage was basically an attempt at cover, plus pleasing her parents. Seeing how well that went, she's basically sworn off the gender entirely. She doesn't make a point of shouting her orientation from the rooftops, but she doesn't hide it either.
  • While Dani is as formal as the situation calls for in her professional persona, in her personal life she tends to call most everyone by nicknames. If she actually starts using someone's given name, it is usually a sign that This Is Really Serious (TM). As a result, she tends to accumulate a lot of them for people. Sometimes it's just a shortened form of their name. Other times? It can be odd. Her current nicknames for the people in her circle:
    • Cat: Either Stilts (a reference to her height/legs), or Kit-Kat (a play on her name, plus chocolate is sweet). Unfortunately Cat tends to call her by the dreaded "C" name when she uses either. Sadness.
    • Ygraine: Iggy. Both a roundabout reference to Iggy Pop (given where she met her) and a shortening of her name; she's much too nice and informal to be something as snooty-sounding as "Ygraine". It reminds her of the circles her parents move in.
    • Peter: Either Artist-Boy (given his etching that he did on the wall of Cat's apartment) or Captain Emo. Neither of these have ever been used TO him. Just ABOUT him.
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