Danika O'Shea

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Name Danika O'Shea Aliases Emily Sherman, Ariel Edwards, Jennifer Coleridge
Status Unregistered Evolved Ability Memory Manipulation
Gender Female Race/Eth. White; American
Birthdate 10/30/1980 Age 29
Height 5'10" Build Slim
Eyes Blue Hair Strawberry Blonde
Residence Unknown
Employment Psychologist
Parents Paul Sherman
Maria Sherman-Johnson
Siblings Unknown
Marital Status Single Children None
First Seen Making The World Perfect Again Last Seen N/A
Profile A psychologist with expertise in hypnotherapy. She is relatively new to the area and is looking for clients and to set up business.
Danika O'Shea
portrayed by

Nicole Kidman


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Evening Run-In Jul 25, 2009 Tracy
When The Boss Is Away Jul 24, 2009 Danko, Faith and Felix
A Little Poison With Your Bread Mar 09, 2009 Lots of People
Baby Daddy Feb 06, 2009 Flint
Making The World Perfect Again Jan 29, 2009 Sylar Muldoon




Paul Sherman (Father)

He's rotting somewhere in a forgotten cell. In some ways, Danika knows everything she is was created by this man's cruelty, however it cannot help her from wanting him dead. No, she doesn't want him dead. She wants him trembling before her like a mortal to their God begging for his life. Then she'll slowly remove it. She'll start with his musical ability. She'll leave him a reminder what a dog of scum he is. Then, she'll let him live. She keeps quiet tabs on this man and bids her time for his little girl to come home and take care of business.

Maria Constance 'Del Toro' Sherman-Johnson (Mother)

The one time using her powers hurt her and the last person she ever cared about. Danika realized what she was becoming and knew what she was. So she wiped all memories of her from her mother's mind. She wiped the love, the letdown, the devotion and the guilt the woman would soon have. It may have been a mercy wipe, though Danika will never admit it. She is now remarried to a man and has a great life. Danika sometimes checks in from a distance, but never enough for there to be a trail back to her.

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