Emile Danko

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Name Emile Danko Aliases The Hunter
Status Registered Non-Evolved
Gender Male Race/Eth. Caucasian
Birthdate N/A Age 51
Height 5'7" Build Wiry
Eyes Grey Hair Grey
Residence Unknown
Employment N/A
Parents Jakob Danko †
Magdaline Danko †
Siblings N/A
Marital Status Single :D? Children N/A
First Seen Business or Pleasure Last Seen N/A
Profile Emile Danko, also known as "The Hunter," is an ex-Homeland Security agent, ex-terrorist, ex-fugitive, ex-prisoner and current Lieutenant ex-ex-Marine operating back in New York in an unknown (but indubitably nefarious) capacity.
Emile Danko
portrayed by

Željko Ivanek



Open Fire: Danko has access to and disciplined operational knowledge of a variety of firearms. He's usually carrying a semi-automatic and a knife on his person at the very least, and he's well-versed in the use of long guns, machine guns, grenade launchers, sniper rifles, explosive devices, tranquilizers, knives, etc etc etc.

Ego Justification: He's not a big guy, but he hasn't lasted this long not knowing how to handle himself. He's quick, calculating and detached, all of which makes him remarkably efficient when it comes to subduing assailants (or victims, as the case may be) in hand to hand, ranged or melee combat. He doesn't care how bad he hurts people, and really only cares if he kills them if he needs them for something else so - he's oft inclined to take the shortest route from point A to point unconscious or point begging for mercy with little care for any permanent damage done in the process.

Gut Instinct: Disinclined to trust even the most obvious of certainties, Danko is gifted in his ability to discern likely courses of action people will take, things they might be hiding, and ways to manipulate them or turn other people against them once he's had time to observe them. He's paranoid, but arguably to a justifiable degree owing to the fact that his paranoia is often well-founded. Said paranoia gives him plenty of time to consider alternate courses of action should everything go south with little or no notice. He's rarely caught off guard as a result, and his cold-blooded confidence in his own intuition is enough to drive him to bite the bullet and take stomach-turning risks for the sake of furthering his own agenda (throwing Nathan out a window, intentionally releasing Tracy to kill one of his employees, putting his head to Peter's gun). This skill is a large part of how he earned his nickname, as it's what makes him an efficient tracker, captor, controller and killer of those disinclined to cooperate with his authority. It also has the potential to get him into really deep shit if he gets just a little too confident in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Transportation: He knows how to move, be it in a car, big black moving truck, or plane. Toot toot. He has a pilot's license and probably (I assume) knows his way around helicopters as well.

Command: People shoot kids and teenagers to death when Danko says they are actually dangerous terrorist rebel leaders. He is observant, manipulative, driven, loud and passionate in a way that tends to inspire like-minded individuals to do what he tells them to. Definitely not infallible or immune to risk of losing their faith, but dynamic and capable enough to keep followers stringing along without tremendous difficulty.

Double Life: Rather than live completely on the edge or immerse himself utterly in innocuous family life the way Noah tried to, Danko just lies a whole hell of a lot, and seems to have been doing so for several years. He's good at it as a result, easily capable of seeming fairly blandly innocuous face to face. He blends. Those with highly attuned senses of irony or observation may notice some suspicious cynicism or insincerity about him, but with the short stature and the faded pallor when he smiles he has a way of coming off as painfully average, harmless and well-intentioned. Just some laid back middle-aged dude in sales or private security or whatever it is he's pretending to be a part of, all the way to convincing Noah to turn his back on him at one point. Not that Bennet has been all that sharp lately. …:(

Languages: According to Danko, he speaks six languages. Given his origins I'm going to assume that one of his better ones (aside from English) is Russian. Portuguese is likely another one, along with Arabic, German and a smattering of Mandarin.

Survival/Tactical: Danko spent decades out in bases around the world and has made camp in climates ranging from jungle to desert to urban sprawl. He knows how to make a fire, where not to put a tent, what not to eat and what to do if it rains or if there isn't any water and all that good stuff. He is, in short, familiar with surviving hostile conditions.



November, 2009
Date Location Description Involved
1st Deliver Thine Enemy Danko finds himself at the mercy of a former captive. Joseph
4th Plied Another Ferryman gives a private chance to put Danko in the ground a pass. Eileen
7th Which Pages Helena wants to know about her dad. Danko wants to know why he should care. Helena
10th Neca eos omnes Danko and Joseph are unapologetically set in their ways. Joseph
11th The Trial of Emile Danko - The Ferry
15th Turncoat Eileen and Teo decide to make a little justice of their own in the wake of the Ferry's verdict. Eileen - Joseph - Teo
16th Vitriol Johnny Law finally gets to take his best shot. Felix


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