Darla Hurst

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Name Darla Hurst Aliases
Status Registered Evolved (Tier 2) Ability Aerokinesis
Gender Female Race/Eth. African-American
Birthdate Age 32
Height Build
Eyes Black Hair Black
Parents Siblings
Marital Status Children
First Seen Birds in the Bush Last Seen
Profile Darla is a dedicated Ferryman and currently the operator of the Foxhole sanctuary, among other things.
Darla Hurst
portrayed by

Kerry Washington



04/24 When a safehouse goes under, Darla helps get one person to safety — and loses another to Homeland Security. April, Darla, Felix, Minea, Raquelle, Samantha
07/23 Darla is dispatched to recover a former agent-turned-Ferry passenger who's run afoul of a current agent. She gets shot at for her trouble. Carrie, Darla, Magnes, Minea
(2) Darla and Minea make good their escape. Minea is introduced to the Foxhole. Darla, Minea

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