Flint Deckard

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Name Flint Deckard Aliases Mike Burrows
Status Registered Evolved (Tier 1) Ability X-ray Vision
Gender Male Race/Eth. White
Birthdate 1/21 Age 44
Height 6'2" Build Wiry
Eyes Blue Hair Grizzled
Residence Chelsea - Ruins of Midtown
Employment Fugitive/Mercenary
Parents John Deckard †
Deborah Deckard †
Siblings Leah Deckard
Marital Status Living with Bella Children Amadeus
First Seen Trolls and Bridges Last Seen N/A
Profile Flint Deckard is a dubiously sane convicted felon, Ferrymen operator and former Company Agent who occasionally works under the name of "Mike Burrows." Once upon a Ragnarok he was a criminal, a turncoat and informant who trusted and was trusted by very few people, in most cases with good reason. These days he tends to be gruff, withdrawn and less and less like himself, which would be less of a problem if he wasn't also sporting a somewhat fractured relationship with reality.
Flint Deckard
portrayed by

Hugh Laurie

You raise the blade, you make the change

You re-arrange me 'till I'm sane

You lock the door

And throw away the key

There's someone in my head but it's not me.



Crack Shot: Flint is a crack shot, and quick on the draw. As in he's literally quick to draw and aim, and also quick to point guns at people who get in his face. He likes guns. He also likes to shoot things.

Finders Keepers: Scavanging: he's good at that too. X-ray vision makes him a proficient dumpster diver, and he supplements whatever merch he has brought in from outside the city with things he's able to salvage (or steal) from the more ruined sections of the city.

School of Hard Knocks: Not naturally inclined towards violence, changes in Deckard's life over the past several months have yielded changes in his personality. His trust issues and problems with paranoia have multiplied several fold. Meanwhile, he's become accustomed to new definitions of survivable pain and the quick burning length of his temper's fuse has become virtually non-existent. Where he might have cowered, fled or otherwise tolerated abuse without physical reciprocation before, more and more he's lashing out and throwing himself into confrontation. This is a guy who went into prison alone as a 20 year old and survived there for nearly a decade on his way to becoming a career criminal. He's proven himself to be too passive to put up much of a fight in the past, but not because he doesn't know how. He's no kung fu master, but he's a big, wiry, wild-eyed alcoholic dude and he's had a fucked up life. With his conscience on the ropes the way it has been lately, pushing his buttons is likely to inspire an ugly, prompt and painful response. Zombie-esque ignorance of pain on his end may be a factor as well if he's angry and/or drunk enough.

Navigating Desolation: Initially proficient in large part because of his unique (x-ray) way of seeing the world, Deckard has since had to learn how to do things without relying on tunnels or piping or familiar structural damage to find his way around Midtown. He's sketched his own maps of ruined portions of the city, relying largely on being very visually familiar with the destruction along main streets and intersections to approximate where he is on the grid. He has the locations of waystations and safehouses memorized (where they would be on the map, not — walking into Midtown from any direction and being able to run there without thinking) and can use a compass, the sun and the stars (when visible) to orient himself in Midtown and elsewhere.

Mr.Gutsy: Deckard had x-ray vision for over a decade and pretty much knows where various squishy and bony bits reside within human and some animal designs. Working for Filitov refined that knowledge down to more of an art — he's aware of which organs do what now, the location of major arteries, where and how to cut to remove things and what a person can live without.



It's only gay if the balls touch.

Pastor Sumter is a straight edge, fellow Ferryman and all-around decent, understanding soul that a rain-soaked Deckard introduced himself to at revolver point many moons ago. Their friendship since has never been all that clearly defined. They talk. Sometimes. They help each other when they need help. They are as they are and do as they do and are (mostly) non-judgmental and tolerant of each others' vices, transgressions and bad decisions.

That most of these vices, transgressions and bad decisions belong to Flint is a given. That his are also harder to forgive is probably to be expected as well.

Certain points of deeper contention persist. Whether or not Jesus really loves anyone, the necessity of violence, whether or not Bella should be off limits, and so on, but Joseph can't keep a temper and Deckard's loyal streak tends to be blind to lesser dispute. So even when they aren't getting along, where it matters most they kind of are.

Music: Depeche Mode - Personal Jesus
Ryans is one of few agents with The Company that Flint ever consistently felt comfortable being around. He recalls him being older than he looks now, courtesy of the outdated stock memory used to patch his brain into a more Company-aligned agenda. He feels older. The way he talks. And drinks.

Initially resistant to the stuffy sense of responsibility insinuated by manner and accent, Deckard resolved at one point to sleep with both of his daughters. Aside from getting to second base with the blonde one, he hasn't made much headway in this department. Ryans has kept a few secrets for him since then, earning himself a more current and legitimate kind of trust on the way to the Company's collapse.
Deckard was formally introduced to Teo after the Italian was charged with keeping him out've the Vanguard's hands in '08. Teo was most everything Flint wasn't – caring and heroic and trustworthy enough to eek canine loyalty and effort out of his scruffy hide. All the way up until there was some weirdness with a timeline Flint no longer actively remembers and the Teo he knew was overwritten in full and later partially by an entity from the future that said it was and sounded like Teo but wasn't in all the ways that mattered most.

They lived together for a little while. Uneasily, for Deckard's part. As far as his recollection is concerned, when a final blowup culminated in him finding out about Bella's second job shortly after he was left alone in the desert with Teo's future boyfriend, aversion turned over into outright avoidance and they haven't spoken much since. He doesn't understand what happened or why and persists in feeling like the original Teo died and he missed it in the shuffle somehow.

Music: Audioslave - Doesn't Remind Me



Log Archive for Flint Deckard

Memorable Quotes:

  • "Don't worry. I've already seen these two naked." - Referring to Cardinal and Abby while reassuring(?) Claire in Little Red Hearts
  • "I think she loves me, but more like a really great dog than someone you want to fuck. I'm guessing from your turtleneck the answer here is still no, by the way." - To Bella on the subject of his relationship with Abby in Toxic Influence
  • "You're still a Christian, right?" - Asked of Joseph prior to an uncomfortable revelation in Dirty Secret



Trivia and Notes:

  • Underwent heavy memory alteration and medicated therapy in recent months to neutralize violent behavior and mold him into a semi-productive agent of The Company at Teo's behest. Most memories were more smudged and downplayed than deleted directly. He still has access to his own history, it's just obscured by the overlay of competing lifelines and particularly blurry around the more terrible sections. IE, if pressed he is capable of remembering detail but he also gets confused about things the average person should have no trouble recalling. Age, parents' names, favorite color, social security number, high school. Etc.
  • Began loosely maintaining a private (paper) journal at Bella's request at the end of September. Contents are to be considered OOC knowledge only unless the actual journal object surfaces in RP. Entries are posted here.
  • He is always armed and does not have any compunctions about putting bullet holes in people. He will also stab, electrocute, mace and otherwise jump people without putting a lot of thought into the consequences.
  • Flint has a criminal record. He is kind of pissed off about it, and doesn't tend to acknowledge the restrictions placed upon felons. Like, the one where they aren't supposed to have firearms. He doesn't like cops and makes for a terrible informant, often giving false information under pressure to screw with them and so that they'll leave him alone.
  • Bright Future alternate timeline Deckard is here.
  • OOCly, the character's history and some aspects of his personality were drawn from Labeling Theory (http://law.jrank.org/pages/817/Crime-Causation-Sociological-Theories-Labeling-theory.html.) Google it for more info if you're curious, yo!

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