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Name Delilah Russell Trafford Aliases Tommie Paine (writer/blogger/videographer)
Handles: Bona Fyde, Bufo Phoenicis, Pasithea, BumbleDee
Status Registered Evolved (Tier 2) Ability Psychoactive Secretion
Gender Female Race/Eth. Caucasian; British English
Birthdate October 7, 1991 Age 20
Height 5'9" Build Average
Eyes Brown Hair Red
Residence 12 Holly Avenue, Eltingville Blocks
Parents Walter Trafford, grandfather
Daniel & Janet Trafford, parents
Marien Polk, aunt
Siblings Joshua, Campbell, & Christopher Polk, cousins
Marital Status Cohabiting with Sable Children Walter Trafford
First Seen The Many and the Few Last Seen N/A
Profile A cheeky, happy young mother, Delilah is quite straightforward, which also can mean honest, in which can mean blunt; sometimes she doesn't recognize how far is too far. She also happens to have a rather dirty mouth, and tends to leave a streak of caring and kindness wherever she may roam. Her 'fiery redhead' nature mixed with that much cheer can be overwhelming if you're not ready for it. Not that she cannot be serious on the other hand- Dee is an operative of the Ferrymen and has done her fair share of 'problem-solving'.
Delilah Trafford
portrayed by

Kate Nash


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A young Caucasian woman, she measures around 5'9" tall, and her weight varies around 160 pounds; she has a healthy and vibrant glow about her, which translates even better with the light-footed manner in which she often moves. Her skin is light and soft, but not pale, and is covered in a layer of orange-tinted freckles. Her hourglass-shaped figure is harbor to a more classically fit, curved beauty, with strong arms ending in delicate hands, and lengthy, shapely legs. Darker hued red hair falls past her upper back in a wavy fashion, and eyebrow-length fringe bangs sweep over her forehead. Freckles culminate on a button-nosed, strong-jawed, pink-lipped, and delightfully cheeky face, with mischievous dark brown eyes set in somewhat disarmingly sweet features. In terms of clothing, she is often seen wearing skirts, sweaters, and blouses, or whole dresses; while she prefers other things over jeans and t-shirts, she still wears them sometimes. No matter what she wears, it is often colorful, layered, patterned, or a mish-mash, and lends her an aura of frivolity. She can branch out into other types of clothing sometimes, depending on mood; in that, her general appearance can be considered rather retro most of the time. On the back of her neck is a small biohazard tattoo- magneta pink with an indigo outline; it is tattooed over her tracking mark.

Social Circle

The Gents

♥ The main man in her life. Born November 8th, 2010. ♥
The first time she met him, that was enough to endear her. Teo was a poor soul she found in a drunken state, and in her usual way she helped him right back to his feet with her own brand of kindess. Delilah finds him sweet and wolfish in nature, but also thoughtful enough to seem guarded; he's a polite person and rather disgruntled with the shenanigans he sees her getting into, but tries his best to be forgiving of those. To her, Teo isn't some kind of troublemaker- he only does some things that he has to do, that other people might not see as The Right Thing. Lilah and Teodoro seem to have a relationship built on protectiveness of each other and in both being such free-spirits; the two spend a lot of time together, and are quite good friends because of it. Dee trusts him to be there when she needs him- he is the one guy that she trusts the most, really. Now that he is also the father of her child, even more reason to be the best of friends.
Delilah first met Magnes through Abby; a local pizzaboy that has accidentally the whole internet at least twice so far. When it comes to Magnes, Dee finds him sweet, awkward, and extremely facepalm-worthy at the same time, and possibly more naive than she. He's been getting better! Frankly, Magnes reminds her of a dog; he's protective in his own brash, reckless way, and wants to be a real hero when it comes down to moral duties. Dee has a few visions of what makes a true hero; and while Magnes may have good intentions, he tries much too hard sometimes. But deep down, he is a good guy, and she recognizes that and rather likes him for it. Even to the point of messing with him in the most playful of ways.
Francois is a relative enigma to Delilah, but she knows that she can trust him with most things if she needs to; he's polite and generally kind to everyone it seems, though Samson has had some difficulty in befriending him outright. Francois must be more of a cat person. It fits him in most ways though- cats are reserved and subtle too, and Dee appreciates his degree of carefulness. She'd like to know him better, but cats are also very secretive. He and Teo have a thing going on, though by no means does she seek to get between- quite the contrary. She has a fondness for it, to some extent. It is not too far from the state of her Grandfathers and her Grandmother, this particular triangle.
Stalker. Djinn. A mystery man that Delilah actually does not mind much. She could have worse stalkers. …Right?
Dee had never really met Hiro before she found him(one of him?) being warded in the same hospital she was taken to for having the 510. She knew who he was and so took him under her wing while she was there. Though he was ill and in a fever state of mind, Delilah hopes that just maybe she got through somewhere and he knows that she is a friend. It was largely pity when she gravitated to him, but eventually it did turn into a certain fondness over a ward of sorts.

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