Desree Sheperd

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Name Desree Sheperd Aliases
Status Unregistered Evolved Ability Astral Projection
Gender Female Race/Eth. Caucasian
Birthdate May 23, 1984 Age 24
Height Build
Eyes Brown Hair Brown
Employment Children Social Worker
Parents Christof and Karen Sheperd Siblings Johnathan Sheperd
Marital Status Single Children
First Seen Split Personalities Last Seen Patience
Desree Sheperd
portrayed by

Emmy Rossum


Skills and Talents:

Piano: Des has been playing the piano since she was six. It helps soothe and she enjoys the effect it has on other people. While in college she gave piano lessons to and helped out with the college choir performances.
Singing: Des learned singing and piano hand in hand, though her vocal is not as good as her instrumental talent. It is something she takes pride in though and if she were to really seek out vocal training, she could possibly be just as good as she is at piano.
Social Work: It is something Des lives for. It is what she majored in. Her work with kids and broken families has given her a deeper understanding of the world around her and for that reason she has a lot of tact in awkward situations. She thrives off positive energy so anything she can do to improve a situation happens.
Judo: Being a Social Worker sometimes has its demands. Disgruntled parents can be threatening and living in New York City has given her reason to seek out a way to defend herself. Durin college she took up Judo has an extracirricular, but soon took it up completely, sticking with her training and going to classes even now ever other night.
Dancing: Brought up in a suburban family, she attended dance school like any other girl. She kept up with tap and grew into swing dancing as she got older. Ballroom is something she loves to do when given a chance, but anything lively and with big band allows her to really shine.

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