Dina Murphy

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Name Dina Murphy Aliases
Status Unregistered Evolved Ability Power Void
Gender Female Race/Eth. Irish
Birthdate Aug 21, 1985 Age 23
Height 5'3" Build Slender
Eyes Dark Hair Dark
Employment Vanguard Terrorist
Parents Patrick and Meagan Murphy Siblings Miles and Michael Murphy
Marital Status Single Children
First Seen If At First You Don't Succeed Last Seen Serendipity
Profile Dina Murphy is a young woman from Ireland who has had to grow up far too fast. From Rebellious Teenager to Angry Young Terrorist, she's been lashing out most all her life, and now finds herself surrounded by people particularly GOOD at lashing out. Good thing she's got an edge…
Dina Murphy
portrayed by

Alizee Jacotey



  • Firearms: Dina has a good ten years worth of experience with firearms from her career as a terrorist. She's proficient with small arms up to and including assault rifles, and is an accurate shot with real fire combat experience. Her skills also extend to field-stripping and light repairs, since their gear frequently wasn't in the best condition.
  • Demolitions: Dina is accomplished with explosives, everything from homemade incendiaries all the way up through C4 that the organization procured on the black market. She knows how to arm and disarm explosive devices, as well as where and how to set them for best effect.
  • Driving: Nothing special here. She's a competent driver, and knows how to drive manual transmissions (much more common overseas). Nothing in the sense of stunt driving or anything, but she can get from point A to point B.
  • Religion: Dina is a devout Catholic and knows the Bible backwards and forwards, as well as knowing the holy days, procedures, and observances of Roman Catholicism.
  • Terrorist: Dina's got ten years of experience as a terrorist. She's good at shaking a trail, at moving through crowds without attracting attention, at basic security procedures, and at generally being paranoid. All the things that help you be a live terrorist instead of a dead one.



Kazimir, quite simply, is the general, as far as Dina's concerned. She's a soldier, and he's the commander-in-chief. What's more, he was the instrument of God's chosen path for her. He tends to be pretty hard on her, and there's not a great deal of affection involved from Dina towards him. On the other hand, there is an awful lot of respect. She believes in him and his mission, and unless there were an -awfully- strong reason not to follow his orders, she will without question (if not without complaint).

  • Noteworthy Scenes: None


If Kazimir is the military and "practical" leader of Vanguard, Amato is its spiritual leader. At least as far as Dina's concerned. She's convinced that God gave Amato his gift, and that He has special plans for him. As a result, she's actually got a good deal more concern for him than Kazimir, and would almost certainly side with Amato if there were ever some sort of schism. She's a bit reserved when he's around, and tries harder-than-usual to keep an eye on her language. And fights off the urge to go confessing to him.

  • Noteworthy Scenes: None


He's a Brit. He's a soldier. He's a fockin' gobshite babykiller gurrier with not th' full shilling. And those are the nice things she has to say about him. It doesn't help that Kazimir's chosen to put her under Ethan's command, and really, putting together an ex-British soldier with an ex-IRA terrorist is sort of like putting oil and water together…and then dropping a match. They're both very, very good at what they do…and on an operation, they're both very, very professional. But outside that? If he were on fire at her feet, her only remorse would be that she lacked the anatomy to piss on him properly.

  • Noteworthy Scenes: None


Dina's met the Chinese man, though she hasn't seen him in a couple years now. By and large, she likes him. He's a soldier, as she considers herself, he's as far from British as you could get, and he has an interesting sense of humor. The fact that he's not unattractive helps the issue too. He's perhaps the member of Vanguard who she feels the most open camaraderie with, and if it weren't for the fact that he's married, she might try for more than just camaraderie.

  • Noteworthy Scenes: None


The first person Dina met here in America (not counting the cabbie). He's handsome, and that's pretty good, and he's not bad for a Yank. On the other hand, he can be just occasionally creepy. She also knows he's got lots of powers, and she could see that could be really useful. But at the same time, he seems to be a bit full of himself. Which is okay….she puts more stock in that than other people do. Plus, she could do worse than to strike up a friendship with someone that powerful. She fails to realize that her own brashness can occasionally be…offputting.

  • Noteworthy Scenes: None


Maybe it's just the fact that she's small and slight. Maybe it's the fact that she's the only other woman (that Dina knows about) in Vanguard. Or maybe it's the fact that she's used to being the little sister. But something about Munin brings out Dina's protective side. She's taken to calling the girl "Wee Bit", and she was the one to bandage up Munin after the battle in the park. The odd thing is, she doesn't even know her name, but she still gets this oddly "big sister" air around her. Maybe she's not as hard as she likes to think.

  • Noteworthy Scenes: None


Trivia and Notes:

  • Despite being an Angry Young Terrorist, Dina is also fiercely defensive of the life that she felt was stolen away from her. As such, when she's not out being a terrorist, she can be a surprisingly girly-girl. Just watch your back if you tease her about it.
  • Dina's father was an Irish dockworker, as was her oldest brother. She's also been raised around terrorists, a lot of whom tended to be blue-collar individuals. Needless to say, she has a tendency to swear like a sailor. Since she's from Ireland, she can sometimes bust out some pretty colloquial slang.
  • Despite being from Ireland, not a fan of Guinness. While she does drink (and with great zeal), her drinks of choice are either rum-based, vodka-based, or hard cider.
  • Dina attends church (pardon the pun) religiously. On any given Sunday, unless she has specific orders that prevent her from doing it, she's there for morning mass.
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