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Name Unverified Aliases Diogenes
Status Unregistered Evolved Ability Paralysis
Gender Male Race/Eth. Caucasian
Birthdate May 23rd Age 22
Height 6'1" Build 130 lbs
Eyes Grey Hair Black
Residence Unknown
Employment None known
Parents Unknown Siblings Unknown
Marital Status Insufficient data Children None Known
First Seen A Deal Between Two Devils Last Seen A Dull Man
Profile Diogenes is an illegal immigrant from a small Eastern European country. He has ditched his old life in lieu of a new one, seeking to observe and manipulate where appropriate. Most importantly, having noticed rife subjectivity in his actions, he has decided to live up to the legacy of Diogenes and find honest men.
portrayed by
Joseph Gordon-Levitt

"My problem is that I think too much about what few do, and too little about what many should."



Little is known in regards to what sort of education Diogenes has undergone, but he certainly shows the signs of a well-read man, even for his age. Be he tutored in a university or sought knowledge on his own, he's gathered a fair amount of information. His strengths appear to be communicative skills, as well as Mathematics and biology.


  • Although often cold, distant, apathetic and calculative, he is at times absent-minded. The number of umbrellas he misplaced is astounding.
  • Under the right circumstances, Diogenes would most likely not hesitate to kill a human being. He has a soft spot for animals, though, and let go all of the critters he experimented his ability on. Except those he accidentally killed.
  • Diogenes has difficulty choosing his favourite colour. He's torn between two extremes - black and white. Ironically, it by far doesn't represent his standpoint.
  • On more than one occasion, Diogenes tried to become a writer.

Memorable Quotes

  • "What I like to drink most is wine that belongs to others."
  • "Give a man the ability to look through clothes, and he'll go to a women's locker room. Give a man the ability to make atomic reactions, and he will nuke a hole in a city. […] It's human nature. It's a metaphysical force you're in no position to change. Our primitive brain is laced with sophisticated thoughts, dreams and ambitions, but at the heart of it all, who we really are… Cavemen. Had the man not been inclined to test out the theory - what if I smashed that guy's face in with my club - would the police force require existence?"
  • "[…]I am the Sun— alone, in the centre of impossible to understand events and occurences. Alone. Mistrusting. And really eager to scorch Earth."


Diogenes is a very peculiar young man. He seems to compartmentalise everyone he's met according to their significance to him. He has devised an interesting system within his mind, which we will refer to as the Diogenes scale, and its units - Dios. Zero marks insignificance and contempt on Tom's part, whereas four is the highest value and thus would be used to describe a person whom Diogenes most likely can't spend a single day without thinking about. Naturally, those with whom he doesn't keep in touch will slip down the ladder until they hit the 0.0 Dios mark, with exceptions being those he doesn't want to forget.

Everyone is a potential candidate for his spite and contempt. Not one to actively show aggression, however, this eccentric young man is more than likely to just bitterly disregard the presence of others with stinging remarks, seemingly preferring to wallow in misery, which he is quite keen to introduce to others - in varying shape and size.


September 5 A Dull Man With Cat and Isis

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