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Name Lorraine Ulysses Dixon Aliases None
Status Unregistered Non-Evolved
Gender Male Race/Eth. Black; African-American
Birthdate May 7, 1966 Age 43
Height 7' Build Heavyweight
Eyes Brown Hair None
Residence Unknown
Employment The Linderman Group
Parents Esther Dixon, mother
Gregory Dixon, father, deceased
Siblings Numerous, names unknown
Marital Status Divorced Children Anthea Dixon, daughter
First Seen Trolls and Bridges Last Seen N/A
Profile The mud to Kain Zarek's swaggering boots, and the eyes and ears of Daniel Linderman in a city injured; Dixon is a professional bodyguard at the hand of the Linderman Group. Underneath of that giant meathead exterior there is a wise and subtly clever man, with hints of hard to find kindess not often found with criminal thugs. The intelligence and reasonable nature is a surprising contrast, and he uses it to his advantage.
Lorraine Ulysses Dixon
portrayed by

Michael Clarke Duncan



A mountain of a man at just over 7', and around 430 pounds, he is quite a deep-chested, straight-postured, dark-skinned giant. With a tall, broad-shouldered frame and a more muscular build around his torso, shoulders, and arms, he has an intimidating and almost bull-like figure; a bald head and a perpetually serious expression only serve to add to that fact. Large hands and wide feet with the thickly built form make the man seem even more like he was carved out of a pillar. A pair of dark brown eyes glare outward from under a smooth browline on a masculine, squared face; a straight nose and thin lips on that strong jaw enforce the familiar stoic aura. That is not to imply those lips are incapable of pulling back into a white smile- simply that it is a somewhat rare thing, however charming the gesture actually is. His booming voice is an attention grabber on its own, as well as the fact that he dresses nicely to the point of being a 'gorilla-in-a-suit' stereotype manner of security.

Social Circle

The Good

Technically a business relationship too, but Kain has grown to be much like one of those troublesome brothers that one always needs to bail out of trouble, or keep an eye on for their parents. Or in this particular case, for Mr. Linderman. The two have known each other and been in cahoots for sixteen years now, and with Dixon assigned to partner or watch Kain a majority of that time. Despite it being his duty to be around Zarek, spending so many continuous years with someone lets you know them perhaps a bit more than you would have otherwise. In that case, the two have been through quite a lot and stand as friends; however, Dixon wouldn't put it past Kain to save his own skin first and doesn't trust the man too excessively. It's been getting better! Sort of.
Manny is the opposite end of the duo assigned to Kain Zarek. Just by association, Dixon has grown to like him almost as a brother, despite all of the man's faults(and follies, surely). While Manny is the more subdued and perhaps the less wise of the two, Dixon does count on him during whatever shenanigans they get into. Manny is smarter than he seems! He has his moments of density, but his moments of total competence as well. Kain just never gives him a break.
Daniel Linderman is somewhat of a mentor, as he may be to many of his employed personnel. Dixon gets along swimmingly with the older man, and ever since Anthea was given extra care by him, Ulysses has grown to admire him even more. He is very loyal to Linderman, but through a tried relationship and not something material or emotionally blackmailing from the Boss Man.
Zoe was a familiar and friendly face, both to Dixon and his young daughter. Ulysses found her company to be warm and personable, though he hardly had reasons to visit her in the archives unless he was there on some manner of errand. Her death was hard for him, and even harder for Anthea- so in turn it made it even more difficult for Dixon; there are only so many ways to explain to a child like her that someone is gone forever and not coming back.

Trivia and Notes:

  • His first name is Lorraine largely because his father was a Johnny Cash fan, and his mother had a series of male children before him. She wanted more daughters. Everyone either calls him by his middle name, or his last name. One reason for that is because only a few people actually know his full name.
  • His daughter Anthea has autism and is on the cusp of IQ barriers; sometimes she seems rather normal, but sometimes otherwise. She has education from and assistance of professional aides on behalf of Daniel Linderman.
  • Degree in Sociology, practically self-taught in Psychology.
  • He has a weaker right knee on some days; not many realize unless they actually see his scars or knew previously about it.
  • He is a self-taught criminal, as in he was never predisposed to violence and breaking the law, nor did he come from an inherently criminal background. Regardless, he does fit in quite well with the field due to his ability to understand some people better than they can understand themselves. Dixon is not a bad man, he just has a questionable career.
  • He's very good at it, for the record.
  • Dixon has a tan pug by the name of Bruno, named after Giordano Bruno.

Spiderbait - Ghost Riders in the Sky
Johnny Cash - A Boy Named Sue
Johnny Cash - Personal Jesus
Kanye West - Stronger
Frank Sinatra - New York, New York
Daniel Baranowsky - Damn Those Turks!

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