Edgar Smythe

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Name Edgar Smythe Aliases Augusto Hernandez, Liam Banks
Status Registered Evolved (Tier 3) Ability Superhuman Speed
Gender Male Race/Eth. English
Birthdate Whatever his ID says Age 32
Height 5' 10" Build Muscular/Athletic
Eyes Blue Hair Reddish Brown
Residence Little Green House
Employment N/A
Parents Deceased Siblings Deceased
Marital Status Married to Lydia Smythe Children None
First Seen Run Last Seen
Profile Once a member of Sullivan Bros. Carnival, Edgar was snagged in the raid that broke them up. After his 'release', Edgar disappeared. Oddly enough, around the same time, media shy outfielder turned pitcher Augusto Hernandez appeared in the low ranked minor league team "The Razorbacks."
Edgar Smythe
portrayed by

Ray Park






Edgar had a knife throwing act at the Sullivan Bros Carnival. Over the course of years traveling with them he became an expert and wielding those weapons towards various targets. He is proficient to the point where he can hit a lime-sized target from twenty feet away.


Edgar is strong, something that doesn't come from his ability. Because of his ability he has been able to pick up quite a few sports and be rather good at them, particularly fastball. The list of sports he has picked up include (but not inclusive) are: baseball, football, basketball, soccer, rugby, cricket, and running/sprinting (of course).

Flat Smedgar

Flat Smedgar is a game like Flat Stanley. Wherever Smedley and Edgar have a scene, a Flat Smedgar will appear!!


RP Hooks


swm seeks blonde f for runs ins and hijinx. i like scars u must like tattoos. if interested please APP LAUREN

stuck on lvl 1 in utah how about u? ex-con looking to hook up w/ other inmates. gimme a call.

looking 4 carnival in town. love the three ring circus, especially the knife throwing. if u like carnies 2, lets hook up.

Want Ads

seeking 1 bdrm/1 bath. cheap rent (free?). prefer no 'pets'. will run errands for place 2 live.

WANTED: 2 kukri knives. willing to pay top $$$. also daggers, throwing knives, butter knives, and kensei swords.

selling minor league memorabilia. autographs, baseball cards, posters, autographed baseballs. $5 each. real steal.

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