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Name Eileen Ruskin Aliases Munin
Eileen Spurling
Status Registered Evolved (Tier 1) Ability Avian Telepathy
Gender Female Race/Eth. White; Polish Briton
Birthdate 02/16/1989 Age 22
Height 5' 1/2" Build Petite
Eyes Gray-Green Hair Dark Brown
Residence Old Dispensary
Employment Ferrymen Council Member
Parents Sophia Ruskin
Ethan Holden
Siblings Nicholas Ruskin
Nick and Grace Holden †
Marital Status Single (Partner Gabriel Gray) Children Astor Ruskin-Gray (Wasteland Future)
First Seen To Fool An Inquisition Last Seen The Death of Birds is Conducted Without Weeping
Profile A former member of Kazimir Volken's Vanguard, Eileen Ruskin proposed and serves on the Ferrymen's organizational council alongside her colleagues, many of whom she has a difficult or tenuous relationship with due to her past allegiances and willingness to militarize in order to achieve the network's goals.
Eileen Ruskin
portrayed by

Darla Baker



The death of birds
is conducted without weeping.
They are not mourned for,
nor do they mourn for themselves.
They know
that each thing has its season
and that their
is short
and, of necessity, is done.

"The Death of Birds"
Hugh Cook

Memorable Quotations

  • "Your blood isn't going to stay pure for very much longer if you value your dignity more than you do your life. The infection will spread into your veins, flush all the way to your heart and rot your body from the inside out. You'll bloat like a dead animal left to the desert sun. Your abscesses will fill with pus, but the only thing you'll leak is your own piss when you start losing control of your urethral sphincter. Sepsis sets in. Your organs start failing one at a time. The vital ones first, if you're lucky. If you're not, it could take days instead of hours. Maybe even up to a week, and I'll be sitting here the whole time. Watching you die for Salvatore Bianco."

— Telling Emile Danko how he's going to die if he does not take his medication in Plied

  • "Aristophanes had a theory. All humans consist of four arms, four legs and a single head with two faces. Fearing their power, the King of the Gods split them down the middle so they'd spend the rest of their lives searching for their missing half. I don't believe in soulmates, and I don't believe in Zeus or Mount Olympus either, but there are men in this world who can throw thunder and lightning from their hands, and that's enough for me."

— On the subject of soulmates in Indiscriminate

Memorable Quotations by Others

  • "I don't think even the peonies have such small hands."

Zhang Wu-Long upon noticing the disparity between his hands and Eileen's in When You're Gone

  • "She's growing up. Girl to woman, lying with her body, voting with her feet."

Zhang Wu-Long, speaking of Eileen in Angels and Monsters

  • "She might love me but she's like you. She thinks she's above it, or below it, maybe. I don't think she believes I'm capable either. That either of us would fit together in anything other than misery and survival. We protect each other, or we used to, and that's all we can do."

— A mildly inebriated Gabriel, explaining his friendship with Eileen to Teodoro in Moonshine by a Rocket Fuel Fire


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Notes and Trivia

Eileen has kept a journal since January of 2010. Some entries (but by no means all) can be found transcribed here. Additionally, as part of the String Theory MUX Drabble Project, her player has written the following short pieces of fiction. Titles in italics designate a poem or part of a journal entry that is canon and can be read by other characters should the journal happen to fall into their possession.

So far, Gabriel is the only character aware of its existence.


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For Eileen of 2019, featured in String Theory MUX's Sound of Thunder storyline, see: Eileen Gray

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