Elias de Luca

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Name Elias de Luca Aliases None
Status Unregistered Evolved Ability Teleportation
Gender Male Race/Eth. White; Italian American
Birthdate 09/20/1973 Age 36
Height 5'10 1/2" Build Athletic
Eyes Brown Hair Brown
Residence Unknown
Employment Unknown
Parents Unknown Siblings None
Marital Status Single Children None
First Seen Alea Iacta Est, Part II Last Seen N/A
Profile Whether you need goods acquired or moved, a good fence found or a revolution planned, Elias de Luca is the guy for the job.
Elias de Luca
portrayed by

Michael C. Call




Elias has known Ethan since well before he'd even heard of the Vanguard, and based on mutual trust, Elias is consequently much more likely to follow Ethan's orders than those of Kazimir. He's confident that Ethan will know how best to put his skills to use in the field, but has recently come to doubt if the old Wolf still has the same fight in him. In his quest to stop Kazimir, Elias has decided not tell tell Ethan that he's working on his own conspiracy.
The guy that Elias is supposedly really working for, the fact is that he doesn't work for Kazimir at all anymore, having decided that his best interest is now served by killing the old man. Part of this may be in that he intends to try and bring Vanguard under his personal control to redirect its resources to more profitable means. The fact of the matter is that he'd rather be a traitor, and have some chance of staying alive, then to blindly follow the pied piper, and almost certainly be dead. Kazimir's occupation of Sylar's body is a real monkey wrench, in this regard.
Eileen has become like the little sister than Elias never had, and he's became rather protective of her. Her recent run-in with one of Kazimir's goons, resulting in her near death, did a lot to further solidify his decision to kill his supposed leader. Although he might, in fact, be on the road to saving the world, his real concern is saving her, himself and anyone else he considers a friend or ally. Saving the world would just be a happy accident.
Amato obviously spends to much time combing through everyone else, looking for flaws so that he has an easier time ignoring his own flaws. He'd still really benefit by just learning to chill out, but Eli has more pressing concerns as of late. In the plot to bring down Kazimir, Amato has proven to be a willing and valuable accomplice who can follow orders. If Elias had just one more associate like Amato, the odds of the plan succeeding would at least double.
If you asked Elias who Sylar was, he would say, "Sylar is my homeboy". Only that's not exactly true anymore, what with Kazimir squatting in his body, and all (it's not really as dirty as it sounds). Elias has suspected for some time that there is a connection between Sylar's incredible power and his eyebrows, wondering if he might become weak if they were shaved off….
The enigmatic "woman in socks", all Elias knows about her is that Eileen is in her "care". He's left her ultimate fate up to Amato. For good or ill will depend on whether or not the crusader thinks she might be useful.


Memorable Quotes:

  • "You never know when you'll need to blow something up." Shortly before blowing something up in Jamie Chambers.
  • "You're serious, aren't you?" Not quite certain if he could really have Amato's apartment without a vision test in Sloth.

Trivia and Notes:

  • Because of his long-time status as an expert thief for the Civella family, Elias learned a good deal about the art of breaking and entering, including picking locks, forcing open windows, and the like, for use during times when he was unwilling to take the risk of teleporting. Oftentimes, these were times when he could not plainly see what he was teleporting into. However, because of his other profession as a "problem" solver, Elias has also learned a good deal about skills related to assassination, including the use of a variety of firearms, as well as knives and other close-range weapons and even his fists and feet (although he is by no means Bruce Lee). He has a fairly good knowledge about the use of poisons, but knows very little about the actual chemistry behind them.
  • For a man who lost everything in a nuclear fireball, Elias is perhaps not the dour sort of individual you might expect. He is by no means all sunshine and rainbows, either. He prefers small groups to large crowds, and in terms of his demeanor, he might be best described as pleasantly snarky with a hint of Groucho Marx. However, his attitude is "all business" when it needs to be, which sometimes seems to be "never". He is given, now and then, to staring off into space in quiet reflection (which may leave those who know him to wonder if he's actually staring into space or if he's staring at a beach somewhere else in the world where he would rather be at any given moment). Jokes that he's a vampire are taken in stride for what they are; jokes. Oftentimes, however, he's perfectly willing to run with casual jabs just to see how far they'll go before someone decides enough is enough. Obviously, this sometimes creates problems later.
  • Elias' favorite sandwich: hot pastrami with melted provolone, mayo and mustard, salt, pepper, lettuce, tomato, onions, black olives on a whole wheat sandwich roll. Good eatin'!
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