Elvis Shepherd

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Name Elvis Shepherd Aliases
Status Unregistered Evolved Ability Superior Adrenaline management
Gender Female Race/Eth. Multiracial
Birthdate 3/11/1985 Age 23
Height Build
Eyes Hazel Hair Dark
Residence Unknown
Employment Unknown
Parents Mick "The Hook" Shepherd Siblings
Marital Status Single Children
First Seen Strange Meetings Last Seen Don't Be A Hero
Profile A wanderlust biker, with a special place in her heart for rockabilly and uncomfortable bikes.
Elvis Shepherd
portrayed by

Majandra Delfino


The Quotable Elvis:

"Fuck cops, fuck feds. Fuck those god damn mother fucking cocksuckers tryna get away with the same shit they're tryna slam me for. Wearing a badge dont make you any more a citizen than I am, so yeah. If they wanna start shit, I am all too happy to finish it or them, Whatever comes first. I mind my business, and they wanna hassle me because its cold out and I'm motherfucking cold? I dont wanna talk, so they call that grounds to search my shit? Fuck that, thats fucking grounds for some pig bitch motherfucker to get fed his fucking teeth."

Sound track:

The adolescents - Kids of the black hole
The Standells - Sometimes goodguys dont wear white
Zombie ghost train - RIP
Minor threat - Steppin stone
BRMC - Whatever happened to my rock'n roll
The Raconteurs - Level

Jolly Roger:

Jolly Roger started life as 1981 Honda Cb750F, which was abused every day since purchase until a seized motor found it discarded in a backyard. Elvis never really bought the bike, rather the home owner offered her 20 bucks to get rid of it. Roger has been stripped to the frame and rebuilt twice now, the first was Elvis's first real restoration which was sufficient to serve as her main mode of transportation through high school. After working as a mechanic for awhile, Roger saw his second rebirth.

Jolly Roger is a hard built, hard tuned cafe bike with incredibly tight ergonomics and extraordinary performance. On the dyno he's capable of 106hp and 83ft.lbs of torque whilst spinning up to almost sixteen thousand RPM. He handles better than any stock modern sport bike, out brakes anything over 600Ccs and can accelerate with sufficient rapidity to keep anything shy of a liter bike in his mirrors. He's uncomfortable, loud, occasionally unreliable and difficult to repair but he is absolutely perfect.

Roger is of course painted hot rod black (matte black), and features the almost cartoonish visage of a skull and crossbones across the top of the tank. At either battery box, in high gloss scripting the bike bears the name of its operator. "Elvis".

Trivia and Notes:

  • Elvis also rides a Speed triple these days, as something of a daily commuter bike.
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