Hannah Aimee Emerson

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Name Hannah Aimee Emerson Aliases
Status Registered Evolved (Tier 0) Ability Superhuman Endurance
Gender Female Race/Eth. Caucasian
Birthdate August 13th, 1982 Age 29
Height 6'2" Build Muscular and athletic
Eyes Pale Blue Hair Red
Residence Textile Factory 17
Employment FRONTLINE 01-02
Parents Nicolas Emerson
Lidia Emerson
Siblings Karen Emerson-Cooper (30)
Ashton Emerson (27)
Elena Emerson (18)
Marital Status Single Children None
First Seen Fresh Meat Last Seen
Profile A born soldier birthed and raised in New York City, Hannah Emerson is among the newest members of FRONTLINE, drafted into the group following the November 8th riots and the events leading to them. Blessed with the power of superhuman endurance, she is a confident and sometimes cocky woman who always strives to do her best.
Hannah Aimee Emerson
portrayed by

Simone Simons




FRONTLINE Operations Director - Pending
FRONTLINE 01-01 - Pending
FRONTLINE 01-03 - Pending
FRONTLINE 01-04 - Pending
FRONTLINE 01-05 - Pending
FRONTLINE 01-06 - Pending
FRONTLINE 01-07 - Pending



+ Leadership – Hannah fancies herself a bit of a leader, even if she only occasionally gets to act the part – and it is something she does rather well, to boot. Her confident attitude and enthusiastic approach have earned her notice, though her decisions are often considered reckless, her leadership ability seems to make up for this by pulling people through these actions.

+ Combat Training (Hand to Hand) – Hannah has received both personal and military training in hand to hand offense and defence. She is highly skilled in several different, specific styles of martial arts. Hand to hand combat is something Hannah claims is her specialty, but she has had little opportunity to exercise this outside of occasional brawls in high school and after – almost never in actual combat.

+ Weapons Handling – Trained by the military (as well as early lessons in how to shoot with her mother when out visiting the winery where the wine the Emerson family produces is made), Hannah is capable of handling, firing, cleaning, maintaining, and is generally knowledgeable of a number of firearms. She is most adapt with handguns and rifles.

+ Education – Though it is not often applied except on matters of tactics and military applications, Hannah has a BA in History from VMI, as well as having minored in Military History specifically.

+ Physical Conditioning – Hannah considers herself to be in peak physical condition; while not exactly true she is regardless in excellent physical shame shape, This is no small part due to her Evolved ability allowing herself to push herself further than a normal person, allowing her to make sure she pushes herself to stay in shape, even if she takes time off for a while.


Musician Ferryman
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