Daniel Hernan Espenosa

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Name Daniel Hernan Espenosa Aliases
Status Registered Evolved (Tier 3) Ability Telepathy
Gender Male Race/Eth. Hispanic
Birthdate May 16, 1944 Age 66
Height 5' 6" Build Heavy
Eyes Brown Hair Black
Residence Unknown
Employment Unknown
Parents Juan Espenosa (father; deceased)
Emelia Delgado-Espenosa (mother; deceased)
Siblings William Espenosa (brother; deceased)
Marital Status Married (Lorena Espenosa; deceased) Children Daniel Espenosa Jr. (son; deceased)
First Seen What You Give It Last Seen
Profile Daniel Espenosa is a contact for a South American drug and human trafficking cartel in the United States. He is a former inmate of the Moab Federal Penitentiary released by the prison's destruction to return to his work.
Daniel Hernan Espenosa
portrayed by

Danny Trejo


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