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Name Ethan Holden Aliases The Wolf
Jonathan Wells
Status Unregistered Non-Evolved
Gender Male Race/Eth. Caucasian
Birthdate 01/01/1970 Age 40
Height 6'2" Build Muscular
Eyes Hazel Hair Brown
Residence Unknown
Employment Former Vanguard Operative
Parents Michael Holden †
Claire Holden †
Siblings Unknown
Marital Status Widowed (Kathryn Holden †) Children Eileen Ruskin
Nick Holden †
Grace Holden †
First Seen Phase Two Last Seen N/A
Ethan Holden
portrayed by

Jason Statham



Eileen Ruskin


When Ethan was roped into the idea of cleansing Evolved from the Earth, he was gifted with the company of one strung out teenage girl. This girl upon meeting him tried to slip into bed with him, while he was sleeping. Literally. Waking up, Ethan got very upset at this almost-rape and went on yelling at the girl. As the days went on, Ethan was forced to spend more time around the girl. Transferring feelings from his recently lost family, Ethan secretly adopted the girl in his heart. Wanting better for her, and developing a particular fondness for her.

As their days went on with Vanguard, Ethan's feelings for Eileen solidified. She was the only resemblance of family he had, and probably the only family he would ever have again. Such strong feelings for this girl led to certain complications. Amato Salucci for instance and he were pitted against each other. Eventually Kazimir was slain and everything got sent to hell. Ethan was temporarily captured by Homeland Security and then captured by John Logan it was in a cage match that Ethan actually saw that Eileen was alive. Shortly after, he escaped and after a time overseas finally reunited with her. For now he mostly is attached to her side and goes wherever she goes, which isn't always the most happy prospect for her.

Gabriel Sylar Gray


This guy and his names. He has like six and he'll get mad at you for calling him the wrong one at the wrong time. It's like a super fun guessing game to figure out which one he's going by at the time. Minus the super and the fun. Sylar was a serial killing lunatic that Amato found and was quite terrified of. When hearing of his exploits however, Ethan was less terrified about the man and more enthusiastic. Finding Gabriel, Ethan quickly convinced the man to see his way of things, and hung a few proverbial carrots in his face and voila! Sylar is in Vanguard. Bringing Gabriel somewhat under his wing, the Wolf taught him a few things, attempted to give him skills that didn't involve powers.

Despite both being kinda sociopaths, Ethan developed a quiet fondness for Gabriel. Though it isn't enough fondness to stop his finger trigger should the need arise, Gabriel is head and shoulders above the rest of the scum of the planet in Ethan's book. He approves of the man, and despite his heckling does not mind his company.

Highlight Reel

As a player I'm way too busy slash lazy to put up a full time line up. But in a exercise of vanity or maybe hoping someone cares about the character, I'm collecting scenes that I have most enjoyed in my time at String Theory with Ethan. Scenes that best display Ethan, scenes that I think I did a good job writing, or that the other players did a great job or scenes that just make me go d'aww. I'll try to do five per category. In no particular order
1/12/09 The Lion and The Wolf Ethan tracks down King to repay him for how his attack on Eileen. It is more of a task than he was hoping for.
12/03/08 Clowns to the Left of Me, Jokers to the Right Vanguard got its moneys stolen, Ethan decides they need to rob a bank and blame it on Pariah.
1/28/09 Been Many Things Ethan as Rafe is captured by Homeland Security. That doesn't last long.
1/21/09 To Break Fenrir's Chain Ethan kills himself.
8/18/09 The Respect He Deserves Feng finally finds Ethan. Brawl brawl brawl.

Memorable Quotes:

  • "You're fuckin' right it's gonna be a rough road. They've got the wheel on the wrong side 'ere." — Regarding the vehicle Ethan receives from Kazimir in Phase Two
  • "It was a better movie." — Concerning Count of Monte Cristo up discovery that it was a book first in Concerning Miss Childs

Trivia and Notes:

  • Ethan has many different skills and aptitudes he has perfected, one obscure one being his mastery of painting. Painting interior or exterior of houses, flats, buildings, whatever is no problem for him. It is also seen by him as rather therapeutic.
  • Ethan has a cockney accent though due to years of on field experience he can disguise his voice quite well in a number of different accents.
  • Ethan speaks Russian, French, and Spanish fluently.
  • For a killer he is very tidy, and likes his place of residence to look nice. Disorganization, dirt, or blandness really distacts him.
  • Poetry by Munin

Loyalty Costs Much
One dead wife, two dead children
A whole world in ruin

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