Evan Langford

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Name Evan Langford Aliases none
Status Unregistered Evolved Ability Weakness Detection
Gender Male Race/Eth. White
Birthdate June 1, 1984 Age 26
Height 6' 1" Build 190 lbs
Eyes Blue Hair Red
Residence Hamilton Heights #504
Employment Columbia University
Parents Scott, Jean (living in Maine) Siblings none
Marital Status Single Children none
First Seen White Days Last Seen
Profile A Columbia grad student turned professor, most comfortable within the ivory tower. Initially brushed off the Evolved as Somebody Else's Problem - but with that option off the table, he's doing his best to stay off the radar, while still getting a few protests in.
Evan Langford
portrayed by
Trevor White

"Can you do Division? Divide a loaf by a knife - what's the answer to that?"



  • Instruction: Good at explaining how things work, and adjusting pace and direction to match who he's talking to. Now that he's teaching groups instead of just tutoring here and there, he's building up the ability to identify a middle ground where there are neither too many skipping ahead nor too many falling behind - if a few are falling behind, then they should ask for more help outside class time.
  • Science and technology: Has a fair grasp of the immediate engineering applications of his research, mostly large-scale projects with long lifetimes rather than the rapid cycle of small consumer products. He's less well acquainted with things like quantum physics and genetics.
  • Mechanical repair: Handy with the sorts of things that a standard set of Craftsman tools can cover. Tightening pipe fixtures, nailing down loose fenceposts, that sort of thing. Auto repair, not so much, as it's gone so far toward No User-Serviceable Parts Inside these days.
  • Martial arts: Tried out a tae kwon do class back at Bowdoin, and continues to revisit it off and on. He's not a black belt, nor is he all that physically gifted - but it keeps him in decent shape, and if forced into a fight, he wouldn't be completely helpless.



Date Time Event People Summary
8/16 Afternoon The Curve Devon, Elaine, Evan, Graeme, Holly Another round of scapegoating the Evolved to a large audience.


Date Time Event People Summary
12/6 Evening This Bird Has Flown Evan, Anna The mouthy kid turns up, passes out, wakes up and runs for it.
12/11 Evening Trust.Enabled Evan, Skyler The offer of crash space is belatedly taken up.
12/12 Early morning Theory into Practice Elisabeth, Evan Can his math-fu be used to help repair a broken timeline?
12/17 Evening Right Hand, Left Hand Evan, Skyler Who's she been talking to? Who's he been talking to?
12/29 Afternoon Mind Your Manners Anna, Evan, Keagan, Yana Tense introductions all around at a pricey lunch spot.

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