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Name Eve Kendra Mas Aliases Selene Norwell
Status Registered Evolved (Tier 2) Ability Precognition
Gender Female Race/Eth. Italian-French-Dutch mix
Birthdate February 5, 1980 Age 31
Height 5'10" Build Slender
Eyes Light Grey Hair Dark
Residence Ruins of Midtown, Mas Mechanics and The Octagon #308
Employment Resident Oracle/Freedom Fighter
Parents Eric and Valerie Mas (Whereabouts Unknown, could be deceased) Siblings Jezebel Kemp-William (sister)
Bethany Trevis (sister)
Younger sister (unknown)
An older brother (unknown)
Marital Status Single Children None
First Seen Leaky Pipes
Killing Me Softly (Before 2008)
Last Seen Arkfall, Part V (Resurrected though thanks Adam)
Profile Once a founding member of PARIAH, to a Pariah of Phoenix, to working Ferryman/Endgame operative and consultant. Now freshly resurrected from the dead Eve has been left confused, he wanted her alive.. why?
Eve Mas
portrayed by

Sarah Brightman


I have crossed over to a place where I never thought I’d be. I am someone I would have never imagined. A secret. A dream. I am this, body and soul. Burn me. Drown me. Tell me lies.

I will still be who I am.

Alice Hoffman

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Eve's Log Archive

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Soothsayer Herald Seer Medium Bright Future Haunted Egg
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Gunslinger: Eve was taught while a teen how to shoot and this has come in handy now in this dark world that she lives in. Eve is a pretty good shot. Lately, Eve has been training herself in the use of other more powerful firearms. Shotguns and a few rifles. Over the years Eve has gotten only progressively more precise and deadly with her aim. Her perchant for big handguns and powerful ammo is a healthy thing.

Fighter: Eve has gotten progressively better in her hand to hand skills in combat. She received some training from Hana and taken what she has learned and built on it by herself. With mixing a few different forms of martial arts and the brawling that her father taught her, Eve has become an formidable opponent in a close quarters fight. She has also incorporated a knife play into her fighting. Eve's erratic behavior makes her a dangerous person to fight, you just never what she will do.

Artist: Eve’s best talents are those of the arts. She is most adept at singing but can draw and paint a little as well. (She is no Isaac Mendez though!). She has been singing for years and is quite good at it.

Kind of Mechanic: Another of Eve’s skills is that she knows a little about cars. Not enough to take one apart and put them back together, but she can spot a problem in a car and tell you how to fix it, even fixing it herself sometimes.

The Music From A Distant Land

Eve's musical journey started when she was a toddler and had been enrolled in piano lessons. She didn't take music seriously until at age 17 when she was getting ready to graduate high school. After that she dedicated her life to her music and began to perform in open mics around the city. Becoming something of a local celebrity, the press began to take a bit of notice in her as did the citizens of the city. Her odd behavior often noted and blogged about. She quickly carved a name for herself in the list of local legend musicians. Known as the eccentric 'crazy' girl with a powerhouse of a voice.

Having a few concerts but never really recording much, Eve became a regular act at many lounges and bars. Most notably the Orchid Lounge has been the place she calls home for the last couple years. After a meeting and brief connection to Nalani, she was on the road to be being truly discovered and recording her debut album. But the meetings fell through and Eve has been continuing to sing at the Orchid Lounge ever since.

As of recently, Eve has decided to begin work on her debut EP: Shadow's Dawn.

This space will be updated as Eve's musical journey continues..

Memorable Quotes:

  • "You could smash those doors down. Pie in the sky. You are an eureka. Do you.. can you fly?!" - to Bao Wei in We Have A Dragon



These are the members of her family, blood and not so much. Since she has only one living relative that she knows of, many of her closet friends have become something like family to her.

Biological Sister
Jezebel William - It would seem that Eve's father has a sense of humor when naming his daughters. Jezebel was the product of Eve's father and another woman's affair. Though it hurt Eve to think about her father with another woman than her mother. She quickly grew to love and trust her sister. As of recently, Jezebel has been missing and Eve has no idea where she is. This worries her terribly.
Gillian Childs - The first meeting between Eve and Gillian ended with Eve being knocked out by her ability and having a slew of visions that led them on a journey to see Peter along with Kent. That didn't end to well for them. After their first initial meeting, a strong friendship grew between the two getting to the point that Eve for a time only trusted Gillian. After saving Gillian after the Narrows bridge was destroyed, their bond grew even stronger. Countless adventures and time spent together has made Gillian just like a sister to Eve, she depended on the more sane of the two to help her when she wasn't fit and able to do so.
Wayward/Kindof Brother
Peter Pertrelli - These two have had a strange relationship since the first time that they met. Over time, Eve grew to respect and even love Peter as a brother. Loathe to see him used by as many people as he has been. The seer has a deep regret and grief over Peter's state when he was possessed by Kazimir. Thinking that she should have seen the future more clearly so that she could have prevented this from ever happening. Eve cares for Peter deeply and after the pair have a few adventures together, she trusts him almost as much as she trust Gillian.
Younger Sister?
Bethany Trevis - Her sister..? Oh boy here we go again. Damn you daddy.. damn you.



Trivia and Notes:

  • Eve often writes songs and paints and draws what she sees. Sometimes she will stay in her room all day as she documents her visions.
  • Eve has moved into the warehouse that once housed her father's auto body shop, Mas Mechanics. If invited there, Eve makes it point to make sure people will not reveal the location. The place is basically destroyed after the government came for her in We Have A Dragon.
  • Has three cats: Baloo, Bambi and Herb. Eve is known to have a host of pets whenever she is settled at the moment she has no pet to speak of.
  • Has a 1967 black and red Ford Mustang, it's her other baby, she works on and fixes it up all herself.
  • Underneath Mas Mechanics, in the basement levels is a labyrinth of halls and rooms. Somewhere down there is Eve's cache of weapons and also.. her treasure chest of sorts. After the events of We Have A Dragon the bulk of these weapons went to the Ferrymen and Endgame to help for the raids on the Institute. Eve has few more prizes of this cache left.

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