Ewan Archer

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Name Ewan Archer Aliases
Status Unregistered Evolved Ability Adoptive Muscle Memory
Gender Male Race/Eth. Caucasian
Birthdate October 17, 1990 Age 18
Height Build
Eyes Hair
Residence Unknown
Employment Unknown
Parents Irene Archer, Matthew and Pauline Anderson (foster) Siblings Christina Anderson (foster)
Marital Status Single Children
First Seen All That Makes Us Human Continues Last Seen You've Been Served
Profile Ewan is a young man who seems to be earning his living from dancing on streetcorners, showing up at shelters for dinner and …well, nothing much else, really.
Ewan Archer
portrayed by

Skandar Keynes



You don't do artful iceskating and/or dancing without a certain amount of flips, turning and bending and other little moves that will keep you from falling, and some lifesaving, hardearned fall technique when you inevitably do. With nothing supernatural about his skills, Ewan still has a trick or two up his sleeve, when it comes to avoidance, dodging and escape from people attempting to catch up with or simply trying to catch him, and he has a good head for spins, too. You try to do one of 'em pirouettes on skates - if you don't handle spinning well, you'll bloody well learn, or live with the pain.


Saint Abby. What is there else to say? He's tried to pick her pocket, and she gave him money. And food. She even put him up with a place to stay, however temporary.
Yvette …which is a name Ewan don't really know, since they never introduced themselves to eachother. But she's good fun, and nice, and can kick ass, for serious. Haven't seen her around for a while, though.


April Title Summary
23rd Hiding Abby's hiding out in her apartment with Ewan and Ben visits.

Memorable Quotes

  • "I don't take hand-outs, but the rules are a bit fuzzy on the subject of donations." — All That Makes Us Human Continues
  • "…is there anyone in this country even worth trying to steal from?" — Quid Pro Quo
  • "Trust me, I'll eat anything. I just try to keep the vegetarian bit when there's a choice… But it's not like I'm going to be picky." — Repetitive Kindness
  • "I know dances you've never seen, mister, that could set your world on fire.." — Mr Fagin, meet Oliver Twist



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