Faye Crawford

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Name Faye Crawford Aliases
Status Registered Evolved (Tier 1) Ability Tactile Telepathy
Gender Female Race/Eth. Caucasian
Birthdate 11/20/1972 Age 38 (Physically 28)
Height 5'7" Build Athletic
Eyes Brown Hair Brown
Residence Queens, New York
Employment FRONTLINE, Unit 1, Squad 2, Communications Officer
Parents Captain Daniel Crawford (US Coast Guard)
Marie Crawford
Siblings N/A
Marital Status Divorced (Bryce Rayner) Children Peyton Whitney, Neal Rayner, son
First Seen In Search for Life, Part II Last Seen
Profile A somewhat aloof Park Ranger who was former Coast Guard. She often offers her knowledge and skills to Search and Rescue during times of crisis (which happen often in New York these days) and is also a Registered Evolved, though she doesn't advertise this fact often.
Faye Crawford
portrayed by

Kate Beckinsale
Current Online Times
Weekdays If there is a new Heroes or Lost? I will be watching it. Otherwise I should be available most the day in the evenings after 7pm Eastern and beyond into the wee hours.
Weekend A little more fuzzy. I will let people know. Saturdays tend to be the most likely to have issues. If I can't be there on a Saturday, I will usually be on after 11pm Eastern.
Corbin Ayers Company Agent / Reporter for the New York Times Online, also assists at Ichihara Bookstore
Gillian Childs Registered Evolved Ability Augmentor. Connected to Ferrymen, Phoenix and various other groups. A wildcard.



faye_volume08.jpg After being seperated for twenty-one years, Faye Crawford meets the daughter she had to give up at the young age of sixteen… Soon after she gets an offer to become one of the members of FRONTLINE Unit 1, Squad 2, and she agrees in order to make sure the things that happened to her daughter in the last year don't get repeated if she can help it.
The Communications Officer of FRONTLINE Unit 1, Squad 2 is likely to have many adventures in the upcoming volume, but for now it is an unknown and only rambled on to get the image on the right side. faye_volume09.jpg

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