Fedor Ibragimov

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Name Fedor Ibragimov Aliases Too Many
Status Unregistered Evolved Ability Genetic Mimicry
Gender Varies Race/Eth. Varies
Birthdate Sometime in 1918 Age 91
Height Varies Build Varies
Eyes Varies Hair Varies
Residence Unknown
Employment Owner of Chicago Air
Parents Unknown Siblings Unknown
Marital Status Single Children None
First Seen Unknown Last Seen Unknown
Profile Fedor Ibragimov is the owner of Chicago Air.
Fedor Ibragimov
portrayed by



Juke Box

Madlib - Slim's return
Charizma& PB Wolf- Redlight Greenlight
MF Doom- Coffin Nails
Nujabes- Counting stars
Quasimoto- Come on Feet
Steve Miller Band- Take the money and run
People under the stairs- Acid raindrops


The Good guys



Jake is the only person on the planet, who really knows what Fedor is all about. Jake is his best friend, his confidant, bodyguard, student and employee. Never before has Fedor known a man he trusts quite so much. The fact that the two of them get along like frick and frack doesnt hurt either to be honest.



Fedor hasnt known Cardinal for very long, but he certainly likes him so far. He's capable, smart, talented and gifted with a strong moral compass that points to the same place Fedor's does. He likes to think of Cardinal as a prized pupil, but will be the first to admit he doesnt need to teach him very much.



A promising student, but to be honest she's really more of Jake's student than his own. He hired her on Jake's word, and now he's curious to see what she's really made of.

How to find Fedor:

Fedor is a sneaky spook, but he does have some telltale equipment he tends to take from one body to the next.

  • A Mig-21UM in Croation colors, easily the only one in private hands with anything remotely like red and white checks.
  • With the death of his Twin Otter, Fedor now operates the AN-2 "Hit This". Its very distinctive and well known in aviation circles.
  • Fedor drives a Factory Five Cobra Coupe in red and white. Its far from common
  • His typical carry piece used to be very common, but these days a S&W 19-3 is pretty rare. Especially one in as fine a condition as Fedor's.
  • Perhaps predictably Fedor's taste in watches revolves around red and aircraft like instrumentation, making a B&R the obvious choice.

Trivia and hooks:

  • Fedor still flies for the company he owns, when it suits him.
  • In addition to Chicago Air's inventory of fixed wing aircraft, he also spends alot of time doing commercial helicopter work.
  • On May 25th, Fedor was shot down and his beloved bushplane destroyed. The hulk of the "Canned Ham" now resides in the bush pilot museum in Anchorage Alaska.
  • Fedor's AN-2 "Hit this" currently holds the STOL record for its class. 215ft for the takeoff and 255ft for the landing. At 1600hp its the most powerful AN-2 in the world, and the most powerful single engined bush plane ever to compete in Valdez.
  • There's more than just a slightly unhealthy love affair with Monty Python going on, both of his aircraft feature spam nose art.
  • The 95ft "Polikarpov" is docked in Lincoln harbor, and is Fedor's current abode.
  • George, is the name of Fedor's beloved Bulldog. George is a fixture at Chicago air, and frequently accompanies pilots to act as something of an anti-anxiety dog for people uncomfortable with air travel. He also has an extensive wardrobe.

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