François Allègre

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Name François Allègre Aliases Francis Allen
Status Registered Non-Evolved
Gender Male Race/Eth. Caucasian; French
Birthdate January 2 Age 37 (78 [93?])
Height 5'10" Build Medium
Eyes Green Hair Brown
Residence West Village, 57 West 11th Street
Employment St. Luke's Hospital
Parents Unknown Siblings N/A
Marital Status Engaged Children Legions
First Seen Beyond Good and Evil Last Seen
Profile Author of many journals, a wandering healer from the past, someone's hallucination, former World War II revolutionary. Francois runs between the factions that seem to fit in with his needs and agendas, but with respect and permission. He finds himself between _endgame and _ferrymen's Special Activities branch most of the time, and an inherent lack of ability to trust leadership not his own keeps him there.
François Allègre
portrayed by
Srevvir Gudnason


What if it were possible, that what constitutes the value of good and respected things, exists entirely because of the evil they oppose?


March, 2010
When Where What Who
1st Brownstone and Cards Superhero discussion is interrupted by a little domesticity when Francois shows off his new home to Teo, and kind of sort of invites him to stay. Teo
3rd Paranoia An odd gathering of friends and peripheral acquaintances occurs when instances of violence and future threads all converge. Francois just sees to the injuries. Eileen, Peyton, Raith, Teo
8th Stare Too Hard When Joie a.k.a Odessa returns home from a rough night, she runs into Teo and Francois. Odessa, Teo
13th Now Hurting Dreyfus reminds Francois and those there at the time of his presence by sending him the token of a dead woman, with an additional unpleasant surprise. Abby, Teo
18th Je Pas Devenir Fous An average conversation. With insanity. Ghost, Teo, Teo
19th Dogs and Bones Team Charlie come together to discuss the current Russian issue. Abby, Cat, Felix, Teo
20th Seeking Opinions Francois approaches Eileen about her terrorism. She approaches him about his. Eileen
20th Stable In favour of romance, Francois and Teo go hang out with some sick people. Alexander, Daphne, Delilah, Teo
21st Lost in the Crowd Odessa tries to find Francois, and he instead finds her. There is some tension and squaring off before parting ways. Odessa
22nd How to Kill a Mockingbird A morning is interrupted with important news. Eileen, Teo
22nd Something, Anything Francois fills Elisabeth in on where Team Charlie stand. Elisabeth
25th Background Noise The doctor checks in on a patient, and they get to know each other fractionally as well as discuss the sign of a new symptom to the Evolved flu. Delilah
26th Audentes Fortuna Iuvat Recon at an old Vanguard site goes pear-shaped when their enemies prove to be better prepared than expected. Elisabeth, Feng, Raith, Sasha, Teo
29th Rendezvous on Champs Elysees Another visit to the Den ends in a bargain. Daphne
31st Matters of Cephalopods Difficult conversations are discussed in the form of a difficult conversation. Teo


Doctoring: As a practitioner of medicine since the early 1930s, Francois has medical skill in reasonable abundance, although the learning of diagnosing medicines and drugs became obsolete for him when he realised his ability. His skillset would better describe a surgeon, as his ability occasionally depending on him needing to be aware of what goes on inside the body as well as setting broken bones or fixing healing that might have gone wrong (chipping away excess bone, for example), or removing bullets and the like. He can treat wounds and injury adequately without his ability, although his knowledge is obviously outdated. However, thanks to the skills of a memory manipulator, memories from multiple sources regarding a career in emergency medicine and surgery have been implanted into his head, enabling him to draw on more modern knowledge to do with procedure and technology and allowing him to at least pass as a skilled doctor of 2010.

Combat: Existing for three quarters of a century means you need to pick up some skill in defending yourself. Francois has a deep-set respect for humanity and life, but he's not entirely a passivist either - growing up in wartimes and running alongside Resistance and Allied soldiers ensured this, and he understands the necessity for bloodshed and physical punishment. He can wield and maintain a rifle with skill, as well as smaller handguns. He is better at general hand to hand - while untrained in any formal martial art, Francois is adequate at defending himself and generally teaching a lesson to people who have, in the past, attempted to take advantage of the drifting, wandering foreigner. He could probably match a common brawler, but be overcome by anyone with true martial knowledge.

Language: Francois is, obviously, fluent in French, and he came to be fluent in English both before and definitely after he began living in America. He is also reasonably adept at German, or at least, he can read it and understand it, but doesn't have much experience in speaking it. This was due to his research on Volken. The years and decades he has spent wandering has meant he's picked up a smattering of languages with varying levels of skill: Spanish, is what he probably has the best handle on, thanks to growing up in a region bordering Spain. He also knows enough Russian to hold a conversation, Czech, god help him Italian, and other bits and pieces of European languages. Everything else is probably a mixed bag of words and phrases. He is able to speak with a reasonably clear American accent ("hey, how're you doing, I'm Francis Allen :D"), but only when he remembers to.

Technology: This is mostly an anti-skill. In the same somewhat stereotypical way the elderly might be, Francois shies away from the more advanced gadgets and electronics of the new age. Originally, he would have even been considered old fashion in the 70s through to the 90s, clinging a little to the era in which his lifespan would have focused around — but since his arrival in 2009 and some memory-related skill implants, he's gotten a bare grasp on modern computers. Let it be said that he cannot type by anyone's standards, still, but he can navigate the basic principle (as long as he doesn't get frustrated in the first two minutes), and medicine-related technology that factors in as a trauma surgeon is also within his grasp in a sort of deja vu kind of way. At heart, he's still a technophobe.

Intelligence: Collecting information is something that Francois has honed to an artform - and this was before the Internet, thank you. He is incredibly literate and well-read in philosophy, religion and history, as much as he knows little of contemporary-life - generally most things concerning the world post-60s, wherein he narrowed his view of the world substantially save for a fascination with contemporary fiction in the form of books and film (but not music). He also developed skills in espionage and interrogation when it came to his research focused around Kazimir Volken, adept at finding leads, tracking them down, and extracting knowledge as best he can.



There are quite a few journals all in all, some dating right back into the early '40s, all the through to the early '90s. Sporadic in consistency, in information, and even in language, they could well be scattered or kept, or both. It is likely the older ones are attainable as antiques; the newer ones might be more difficult to find. They range from pure data and information, through to philosophical ponderings and ideas, through to deeply personal thoughts.


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