Franziska Géraldine Poisson

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Name Franziska Géraldine Poisson Aliases
Status Unregistered Non-Evolved
Gender Female Race/Eth. Dutch/German
Birthdate December 29, 1979 Age 29
Height Build
Eyes Blue Hair Reddish
Employment Medical Examiner
Parents Siblings
Marital Status Single Children
First Seen London and... France? Last Seen Very, Very Bad Idea
Profile A relative newcomer to the United States, Doctoresse Franziska Poisson has given up palliative care in favour of dealing with patients she cannot grow attached to and has become a Medical Examiner for the city of New York.
Franziska Géraldine Poisson
portrayed by

Eva Green



Date of Appointment Reason for Visit Name of Patient(s)
29 May, 2009 London and... France? Docteur Zachery Miller

Memorable Quotes:

  • "«If they didn't have you, the dead may rest in peace?»" — Spoken in French before realising Zachery might actually speak the language. (London and... France?)

Trivia and Notes:

  • Franziska has six siblings. (Hint: This is an RP hook.)
  • Though her speech is heavily accented and she often times drops words of French into her conversations, Franziska is not French. Mademoiselle Poisson is quick to correct anyone who makes this egregious mistake and remind the offender of her heritage - that she in fact hails from Belgium.
  • Franziska's written skills in English may actually be better than her ability to properly speak the language, and she has a habit of butchering the pronunciations of words - especially the American variants.
  • A bi-product of her European upbringing, Franziska speaks fluent Flemish and French, while speaking German and Dutch conversationally. She also has a fair grasp on Latin due to her higher education in medicine.
  • In an attempt to earn the attention of her parents, Franziska took up piano and plays it quite well. While adept and even skilled at it, she would never consider it a passion. To her, it's only a skill she can call upon in order to impress others and draw eyes on her. Admittedly, while she doesn't play simply for pleasure, she does prefer jazz when she indulges.
  • Colour Coordinated Fashionista: Not really a skill, but rather a lack thereof. When Franziska isn't dressed professionally, she tends to display a lack of understanding about complimentary colours. Her style is wholly her own and tends to be… Let's just say when coupled with her interesting hairstyles, Franziska Poisson is definitely unique.
  • Franziska is twofold a goat according to the zodiac. She is both a Capricorn, as well as corresponding with the Chinese Zodiac's Earth Goat.
  • Franziska's birthday is near Christmas, and she will tell you how much that sucks.
  • While attention craving and fully indulging in a love affair with the limelight, Franziska can also be classified as competitive if it means more adoration from her family and peers. However, she generally finds simply participating in the challenge is enough to draw the attention she seeks and tends not to care if she wins or loses, or who actually emerges triumphant. Unless, of course, the competitors are any one of her siblings — then victory must be obtained at all costs.
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