Gael Cruz

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Name Gael Cruz Aliases Bob Wheeler
Status Unregistered Non-Evolved
Gender Male Race/Eth. Caucasian
Birthdate April 8, 1961 Age 50
Height 6' 4" Build Average
Eyes Brown Hair Brown
Residence Thomas Jefferson Trailer Park, East Harlem
Employment The Company Copy Kingdom
Parents Delia Cruz (mother; deceased)
Jonathan Cruz (father)
Siblings Liam Cruz (brother; deceased)
Marital Status Engaged (Bianca Karina; fiancée; deceased) Children None
First Seen The Kill Squad Last Seen
Profile Former assistant director of Primatech's Hartsdale facility, more recently an administrative assistant in New York City. Currently attempting to hold together what survived of the Company after the assault on Fort Hero.
Gael Cruz
portrayed by

Jonathan Frakes



  • Management: While the Company's field agents watched the trees, Gael's job was to watch the forest. He's developed good instincts for which people would work well together, and which people have the right talents and mindset to pursue a given case. Perhaps most importantly, he knows how to convince them of what he sees.
  • Applied technology: Gael is familiar with the general tools of surveillance and infiltration, and the specific countermeasures used to level the playing field against hostile Evolved: not so much the details of how they work, but what they can and can't do, what methods work with or against them, and what methods others are likely to try based on how much or little they know about the subject.
  • Forensic accounting: If there's a significant amount of money involved, Gael has a good shot at tracking it down; it's how he first caught on to Primatech. Given a list of financial transactions, he can spot the one item indicating that something fishy's going on, or that something else is being concealed.
  • Martial arts: Gael is a black belt in jujitsu, and knows how to leverage his size and weight effectively. Age has taken its toll, but he's far from the pushover that his appearance and demeanor suggest.
  • Firearms: Gael's original stint as a field agent included firearms training as a matter of course, and he's kept in practice in anticipation of occasional crisis situations.
  • Company personnel: Gael not only had near-complete access to the Company's personnel files - skill assessments, psych profiles, past debriefings - but his role specifically required him to stay familiar with them. In some ways, he knows more about them than they know about themselves.



Date Time Event People Summary
9/19 Afternoon Serves Him Right Gael, Griffin, Michelle Narrowly escapes getting busted for aiding and abetting. The would-be beneficiary isn't so lucky.


Date Time Event People Summary
12/5 Morning The Dead Man's Tree Delia, Gael Weeks of isolation take their toll.
12/7 Evening We Were Friends Gael, Melissa A rundown of alleged Institute members hits Melissa close to home.
12/17 Evening Hell of a Christmas Anna, Cardinal, Daphne, Gael, Griffin, Harrison, Kendall, Melissa, Nadira, Quinn, Raquelle, Ygraine Between the amnesiac, the bad seed, the camp Santa and the anonymous illusionist, things could have gone a lot worse.


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